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Calgary Season 20 trades


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Since I apparently missed these, I'll be doing some catch up work.


To Calgary:


Season 20 Madrid 1st (Keyvn Hesje)


To Toronto:

Lars Berger


Grienke ended up playing just 1 season in Calgary putting up a paltry 39 points. Lars Berger put up 142 points in S20 plus another 13 in the playoffs as the Legion went to the finals. Lars Berger further put up another 100 points in S21 plus 9 more points as the Legion went to win the Continental Cup. Berger exploded for 120 points in S22 plus 14 more in the playoffs as the Legion went to another finals but ultimately lost. After Season 22, Berger left the Legion. Hesje is quickly traded Easy to say David Knight just bent over Jardy to win this trade. @JardyB10 @Knight


To Calgary:

Season 20 Helsinki 1st (Lars Intranqilo) (1 Cup, 406 P in 486 GP)

Season 20 New York 2nd (Turd Ferguson)


To Helsinki:

Season 20 Madrid 1st (Keyvn Hesje) (1 Cup,  425 points in 360 GP plus 24 in the playoffs)

Season 20 Davos 2nd (Sarmad Khan) (253 P in 271 GP plus 10 more in the playoffs)

Season 20 Calgary 3rd (Jay Shields)


Interesting trade here as Lars ends up being one of the bright spots on the rebuilding Wranglers squad with his 486 games played and 405 points. He is the highest scoring defenseman in Wranglers history up to S35. Turd as we know never plays for Calgary. Hesje has a modest 47 points in S20, but he quickly improves to 106 points in S21, then in S22 he drops down to just 87 points but adds 12 points in 13 games as the Titans went on to win the Continental Cup against the very same Legion squad I talked about before this trade that had Lars Berger. In S23, Hesje scored 94 points in that season and had 9 points in a CC loss to the Wranglers. Khan plays in his first VHL season with 42 points plus 7 more in the playoffs. Hesje seems to have plateaued at the 90 points mark as he puts up another 91 point season but has just 3 points in 5 games during the playoffs. Khan has 0 points in the same series. He did however put up 49 points in the regular season. Khan broke out for 72 points this season but the Titans missed the playoffs. Hesje now plys his trade for the Riga Reign. Khan fell back down to earth a little but had a nice 57 point season plus 3 more in the playoffs. Khan put up 33 points in 55 games with Helsinki before being traded to the Wranglers as this trade came full circle. I think Calgary took the L on this one too. @Kendrick


Jardy 0-2 trading record so far.

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