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Raymond Bernard Journal S2 #2


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526 words, for Raymond Bernard


S2 #2

Thursday, October 3rd:


Dear Diary,


Today I decided to start this with “dear diary.” Though I guess you already know that. Diary, you know me so well!


Ok with that weirdness out of the way, let’s get back into it. It’s been a bit of a disappointing season so far. We started out strong, but haven’t been able to keep form. Out of the last eight games we have only been able to take one of them. It’s seen us drop in the standings pretty considerably, to 5th in the conference, only ahead of Prague (though to be fair, 8th overall, which is still in playoff position).  Though that being said, I let in 4 goals against that Prague team. To be honest, I haven’t been up to snuff so far this season. It’s tough knowing you can do better, but still posting an abysmal 3.65 goals against average with only an .887 save percentage. Now I know I’m a rookie and I shouldn’t expect much more, but let’s be real here; I’m only playing against the expansion teams, more or less, and I need to do a lot better than 3.65 goals per game. It’s pretty rough. 


I am really happy to have the game time, I’m just disappointed in myself for not doing more with it. In this league you have to seize every opportunity you are given, and so far I am not doing that in the least. All this being said, I think I should be grateful to have this situation right now. I was obviously not ready to immediately step into a starting gig; if I can’t stop the shots for the lower placed teams, what do I think would happen against Helsinki? I’m not trying to be too hard on myself, more so I think I need this as motivation to work harder. I have to put my time in, and then I can reap the rewards. My situation at Ottawa last season in the M kinda just fell into my lap, and I ran with it. It’s a lot harder up here in the majors to make that work. 


The team has been really welcoming though. It definitely is great to play with so many accomplished players. We brought in Kingfisher as a third goalie, and though that’s a little concerning for me in theory, in actuality it is nice to have a veteran in there to teach me the ropes. Owen May has been supportive as well, and really helpful getting me up and running. On the skaters, there’s nothing better than having some really lethal forwards to practice against. As frustrating as our defensive woes have been, our scoring has been absolutely killing it, placing us second in the league in goals for. Exciting hockey right? If only we could hold it down a little better in the back. At the end of the day though, it’s a process, and we need to take it as it comes. It just hurts how many games have been so close. Lots of single goal losses that really sting. Oh well, I need to take my mind off it. Time for a massage I think. Until next time!

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