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Breaking News: Halifax deals for Mexico City Star [1/2]

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Breaking News: Halifax deals for Mexico City Star


October 6th was a day of shake up for the VHML, 3 separate trades occurred one of these was the trade by Halifax to bring in star player Ryan Busser. The Halifax GM is a manger known for his trading, always looking to improve the talent of his roster. This trade didn’t have much ceremony and broke as the last trade, showing the professionalism of both teams as no transfer info was leaked to the press.


The Trade

Breaking down the trade Halifax swapped two future picks for the services of Ryan Busser, this move singles a clear win now attitude and a focus on brining in proven talent. Halifax so far has gone through a lack lustre season by looking to bring in talent Halifax GM is clearly making a push for the playoffs. By righting the ship and making the playoffs Halifax looks to become a more respected team increasing chances of mid-season singings and build interest from fans.


The Player

Breaking down the player Ryan Busser, assigned back down to the VHML after being drafted 29th in the previous season draft. Standing at 5’ 8: and 172lb Ryan plays on the RW and slots in to the current Halifax squad very nicely creating extra depth while taking over the 1st line RW. Ryan comes with praise from both his previous teams both coaches of San Diego and Mexico City rave about the performance of Ryan during training acting as a strong foundation for team success, always a gym rat Halifax made this deal looking to bring in a player of this activity.


The Outcome

The purpose of this trade is obvious for both teams, Mexico City felt they no longer needed the services of Ryan as they felt they had enough talent and wanted to secure future talent. Halifax perspective might come out to be short sighted as they trade future assets to bring in a current player. Halifax will obviously look to make the playoffs after this trade while Mexico City will continue with the current players while looking towards the future.


Press Responses:

GM of the Halifax 21st @fonziGG was happy with the move quote:

“Let’s go! He’s going to be huge force on our first, everyone works hard and we will be looking very strong. Ryan Busser will be an absolute star for this team and I’m very proud to have him on my team.


Ben Storm fellow Halifax player:

“I feel like we had some instant chemistry and have become fast friends of the ice, on the ice we are a dynamic duo when we share the puck. He is an absolute monster player and is the kind of experience this team needed.”


Ryan Busser  @diacopeTwitter release

Firstly, I would like to thank the players, the staff and most importantly the fans of Mexico City, I have enjoyed my time here immensely and gave grown so much under your tutelage. To the fans of Halifax be prepared I'm excited to help propel Halifax to higher levels.


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VHLM trades are kinda cool because turnover is absurdly fast, so you can typically see the effects of a trade immediately, or manifest entirely over the course of one season. Because of that, VHLM GM intentions are made really clear as soon as their first or second trade for the season comes through, which I think you've accurately captured here!


The inclusion of a series of presser responses is really nice here; I'd encourage other media spot writers to do more of the same.

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