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KnightTime #1024 [1/2]


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KnightTime #1024

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 Welcome back to this special edition another edition of KnightTime Podcast! I'm your host, Phil Knight. In lieu of questions, we do something special! @Zero would be proud. Miss you, bud. Listen right to the end for a fun opportunity!!
Enjoy this edition! 
Just Breathe - Pearl Jam
This is a division of KnightTime Radio. 
Run Time:  42 minutes
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2 hours ago, Elmebeck said:

Edit: And yeah, my shoutout can go to Tate instead of hogging airtime with my name.


Sure, but you are getting a shout out too. You pronounce it "Elm-beck" right? Just so I get it right on air :P

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16 hours ago, Elmebeck said:

Elm-beck works.. I don't want to make Tate sad either. :) 

But in Swedish the second e is pronounced too (means Elm creek). So Elm-eh-beck.

And that's exactly why I asked! I wasn't sure if that second e was pronounced! :D

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