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Edwin THE Encarnacion - Junior Review [2/2]


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Name: Edwin THE Encarnacion

Age: 50?

Position: Defenseman

Nation of Birth: Dominican Republic


After being recovered from the now-destroyed secret destination where he had been experimented upon, Edwin THE Encarnacion set about preparing himself to enter the VHLM en route to the VHL. To shake off the ring rust, Encarnacion made his services available to any team that needed him, but demand for Encarnacion was extremely low as it was unclear what level of play he was capable of in his current form. Luckily for Encarnacion, he was eventually able to find a team, albeit a very lowly ranked one, as he joined the Distillery District Bartenders, who were a member of the Toronto Amateur Hockey League. Encarnacion stepped in as their lead defenseman and, luckily for the Bartenders, Encarnacion was clearly ready for hockey at a much higher level than this one. Racking up 49 goals and 25 assists in the 20 game season, Encarnacion helped the Distillery District Bartenders to their first ever Toronto Amateur Hockey League title and his hat-trick in the Final against the Cabbagetown Aubergines saw him add the Finals Most Valuable Player trophy to his Most Valuable Player and Top Goal Scorer trophies he secured during the regular season.


After the season concluded, there was now significant demand for Edwin THE Encarnacion and there was the temptation to move straight up from the Toronto Amateur Hockey League into the VHLM. However, Encarnacion decided to get one more season of hockey under his belt before making the move to the big leagues. While he had originally set himself up to play more hockey in North America (As all of the current VHLM teams are situated there), out of the blue he received an offer he couldn’t refuse…a $71,342,431 offer to play in the Ukranian Professional Hockey League for the Donetsk Liberation, who were being managed by former VHL player Aackckqz Ky. Why Encarnacion was paid such a ludicrous fee for just one season of hockey is unknown (some say it was generated randomly by Ky), but regardless, Encarnacion couldn’t turn down such money and headed over there to hopefully repeat similar success to what he had in Canada over in Europe. While Encarnacion would never have been able to provide value for money because of the ridiculous salary he was offered, he did prove himself to be one of, if not the, best players in the league. Finishing the 50 game season with 65 goals and 63 assists, Encarnacion won all of the same trophies that he had won in Canada in the Ukraine along with securing the cup for Ky’s Liberation.

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Review: Edwin sounds like a freak of nature putting up those numbers at that age! Cool to see a player with that kind of resume enter the VHLM with big goals (pun intended). Solid background information and statistics, looking forward to hearing more on Edwin!

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  • DollarAndADream changed the title to Edwin THE Encarnacion - Junior Review [2/2]

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