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I'm Zero. AMA.


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If you got a dollar for every number you counted, how high would you count?


You get to sleep for 8 hours, and you're awake for 16 hours. You can't stop counting during the 16 or the contest is over. You count one number per second, how long?

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Talk about who you plan to be as a member in the VHL this time around.

Talk about who you plan to be as a player in the VHL this time around.

Evaluate my GMing from what you have experienced so far.

If you could have sex with only one member in the VHL, and your first choice wasn't available, who would be your second choice?

Favorite Adele song?

Favorite non-Adele song?

Do a german accent so we can compare to all the Pajodcast people?


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Pick 5 members, they can be whoever you want. Imagine that each one of them is a cone of ice cream. Pick a flavor to represent each of the members you have chosen, preferably something with a reason behind it. Now, think of 3 places you want to go, you don't have to tell us them all. Imagine yourself in one of those places. Now, decide upon who the 3 VHLers are that you would least like to spend time with - they don't have to be people you dislike and you don't have to be mean about it, but the people who just don't seem like they would be fun to be around for a vacation type experience. Take your imagination back to that place you want to go. Where are you? Now, you have to take one of the VHL member ice cream cones, which one are you eating? You also have to take one of the VHLers that you wouldn't want there, which one of the 3 do you pick? You also have to bring them an ice cream cone, which VHL member and flavor do you bring for them? Now, as you're both standing there, you have to answer one question each, it is the same question. Would you rather spend 1 lifetime as a Lego mini figure, or 2 lifetimes as a normal Lego brick? What is your answer, and what is the other member's answer and why?

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If you're Zero, which VHL members would be One, Two, Three? 


What is your favorite thing to drink? Which VHL player would you like to poor that drink on? 


What was your first thought the first time you used a computer?


What is your favorite TV show? Which two VHL members OR players would you choose to replace the 2 main characters in that show? Why? No seriously, why would you replace trained, accomplished actors with simulation league players? That doesn't make any sense.


Have you ever been to a strip club? If you could turn one VHL member into a strip pole for a year which one would it be?


I've heard of drugs that make you feel like you have become an inanimate object. If you had to live a lifetime as an object, what would be your preferred object and what would be your least preferable?

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Can I still ask you questions?


How have you been?  Whatchoo been up to during your hiatus?


Do you have a girlfriend?  If so, tell me her best qualities.  Also how are her tits?


Wanna go to the Wranglers together, for old time sake?


You're a bitch?


What's your favourite thing?


You watch Game of Thrones?  Fucking good eh?  Did you read the books?

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