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Michael Johnson Extends


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Yesterday it was announced that Michael Johnson has signed a 5 year contract with Malmo at a 4 million per year valuation. He spent the rest of the day with his family and friends to celebrate such a huge accomplishment.


"We have such a great team, the dynamic is incredible. Every single member of the team has pushed and pushed and we want to be the very best. Our locker room is awesome and we have members on the team that want to see everyone improve and progress in the lineup. The fans are incredible as well. They're so grateful to even have a VHL team in the city and every single time I interact with the public it always ends up with them encouraging us on. Malmo is a wonderful city as well. The weather is wonderful and I hope that I can close out my career here. Every single day has been an absolute pleasure and a joy. Also, the water here tastes awesome so there's that."




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