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Markus Drafted By Malmo, Will Play S69 in VHLM with San Diego


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S69 Draftee Markus Nygren realized looking at where his game was at on draft night that the chances were likely that he would be playing in the VHLM again for Season 69. That said, Markus was still excited to find out what team would draft him and where. The last time a player was drafted out of the Devise player agency, Mikka Pajari fell all the way to the third round and wound up being a third round steal that @hedgehog337 RIGA GM still hails to this day. 


Markus did not fall quite so far, as the draft wasn't as deep as in recent memory and the Malmo GM @Advantage had traded up with the express intent of trying to acquire Markus. That comes as no shock, not only due to the personal relationship between the ADV and Devise agencies, but Markus himself came out saying he'd love to play with Malmo, not only as his hometown but his younger brother Lucas also happens to play for the squad. As such Malmo traded up to 15th to acquire Markus. Markus was asked about the upcoming season, being drafted and maybe even playing on a line with his brother Lucas in the future.



Was a pretty wild off-season yeah. I was very thrilled to be drafted by Malmo, I know my brother Lucas was there on draft day once he learned of the plans and he was happy to join Miller on stage in announcing the selection. It'll be a season before I get my VHL legs going, so I'll be playing VHLM again this season but I feel like given my playstyle, and how Lucas and I's styles in general match up that we could very well be playing on the same line as soon as S70. Either way though it's awesome to join my younger brother playing in our hometown. 

I'm looking forward to a proper season with San Diego next season. I wound up as more of a checking forward most of the season and I know my puck posession and passing game can be a highlight for this club. After so long off playing hockey, it took me a season to kind of get into the rhythm of things out there. I feel like I'll be able to bring a lot more to San Diego this season, as we look to really contend and try to take a Founders Cup. 


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