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Seattle the city of brotherly love


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:sea:Seattle, the city of brotherly love:sea:


Seattle has been the city of brotherly love for the last two seasons. By that we mean of course its been the winter home of now third year defenseman Hulk Hogan.Since being drafted Fifth Overall in the Season Sixty-Seven VHL Entry Draft, Hogan has been a fan and locker-room favourite. Hogan made such an impression during the few weeks after the draft that he was named an alternate captain during his rookie season. Hogan came into the league as a defensive defenseman, one that had no qualms about laying his body and mixing it up before and after the whistle. Hogan had 220 minutes of penalties during Season Sixty-Seven, seventy of those were major penalty minutes. Hogans hits and punches drew major cheers from the crowd, but something last year changed and Hogan ran with it. Hogan became a more well rounded defenseman last year, as Hogan lead the Bears in assists with sixty, while also finishing fifth in the entire league. With the season just around the corner and Hogan training as hard ever as reported during the off-season, Hulkamania will be running all over the Victory Hockey League in no time.



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