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Entering his third season in the VHL, Rob Mattalex’s career to date has been one of varying levels of success. Currently with just 84 points in his first 144 games, Mattalex is looking to take the next step and become a premier forward in this league. Projections have him beginning the season pivoting the top line on Malmo where he should have the opportunity to put up some big numbers. 


To date, Mattalex has been primarily a scoring center (42 goals and 42 assists so far in his career) and he will continue to be a dynamic scoring presence along with his continued reliability on the defensive side of the puck. One are he has grown in this offseason has been his passing ability. Something he’s never worked on in his life, he dedicated this offseason to it and is hoping it pays off for him.


His individual expectations for this season? Break the 30 goals mark and finish at a point per game pace or higher. 


His team expectations for this season? The Continental Cup.

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