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The Old White Rhino - Contract Season


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The Old White Rhino - Contract Season


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Aleksei sighed and signed off another contract, placing it gingerly in his outbox as the runny ink of his old-timey fountain pen settled. The door across the halway slammed, Aleksei started, spilling the pen's ink over his hand.


"сука блять!" He shouted, "сын американской шлюхи!"


Aleksei blotted ink from his hands. Something had to be done, something big. Money was flying out of the organization, seats weren't filling up, and Diamond was handing out what little cash they did have willy-nilly. There must be some bigger play his GM was moving on to improve the team, otherwise why continue to sign these incompetents to such generous, long term deals. Back when he played, a skater was lucky to get two potato a day, and he was happy that he had one for eating and one for водка. Or two for водка, depending on how cold the night was. But Natasha could help with the latter, and looked good with belly full of potato. 


"Я скучаю по тебе моя милая Наташа," Aleksei muttered under his breath, and kept signing the  mountain of paperwork in front of him. Inbox to his desk. Desk to his outbox. It was an endless...


...a cycle.


Cycle play. That must be the key! Aleksei slammed down his pen, ink spewing across his face, but he did not care. He was a man posessed. He crossed the hall to Diamond's office and began banging on the door with a closed fist.


"Swedes Dmitri! We require many Swedes!"


250 words

TPE for week ending Nov 17

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