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Kevin King - Junior Review

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          Kevin King was born in August of 1994 in Detroit, Michigan, United States. He spent many summers as a Center for his local youth league but would change to Defensemen after spending time in a youth hockey league. A rare ambidextrous in the sport, King was originally a left-handed Defensemen, considered to be somewhat of a prodigy. At age 10, King would switch to a right-handed shot, claiming to see the need for a right shot defender but rumors say it was to hide a potential injury, but that was never confirmed. As apart of his youth league team (the Crush), he played for the better part of four years and would see his development take him to his school hockey team.


          At 15, King tried out for, and earned a spot on his high school hockey club. He would begin as a defensemen but would move to Center after showing natural Face-off talent in practice. King would never play a high school game on Defense, starting his freshmen season as the 2nd line Center, scoring on his first shot, 00:31 into his first shift. He would record another 2 assists to clear a 5-2 win in that game. King would go on to take the 1st Line spot, on route to a 40 goal season in 48 games played. In two seasons with his high school club, King records 92 goals and 158 points, never missing a regular season game. Unfortunately, King's last high school game saw a brutal Achilles injury take him out for the playoff, requiring surgery to repair a contracture in the left ankle. This would end his high school hockey career, costing him a full ride from Central Michigan University.


          It would take three years for King to get back on the ice even recreationally, the mental conditioning having been a longer recovery than the injury itself. King would take passes, and even skate but wasn't confident enough to take up competitive paly again until lifelong friend Michael Fletcher pushed him to join a small beer-league with him. He would play in part of one season with Fletcher, splitting time between Center and Defensemen and record 4 assists in 11 games. With some renewed confidence, King would try out for the Flint Freezers of the NEHL, earning a spot on the roster. With some first game jitters, King would score his first competitive goal in almost four years on a slapshot from the circle, 4 games into his first season with the Freezers, a game they would win 1-0. After that the flood gates opened, King would go on a 15-game pace, scoring 11 goals and adding another 7 assists during that time. The Freezers would go on to win 2 NEHL Titles in 3 appearances in King's four seasons with the team. King was named Playoff MVP in both Cup wins.


          Following the Freezers' second cup in 3 appearances, King announced that he would be leaving the Freezers and NEHL as a whole to pursue more opportunities in hockey. On June 8, 2020, King would enter Free Agency in the Victory Hockey League where he would sign a deal to play Center for the Las Vegas Aces of the VHLM midway through season 72.




          Kevin King currently resides in Saginaw, MI, United States with his wife of two years Amie Leidekker (a former NWHL player for the Boston Pride). Together they have one daughter Reilly (3). In his off-time, King is an avid movie/film fan, and is a wrestling fan, currently working on a podcast that covers thoughts, opinions, reviews, and news related to WWE, AEW, NJPW, ROH, IMPACT, and other promotions. King enjoys spending time with family and is considered to be very private when it comes to family affairs.




Name: Kenneth James King

Age: Born in August, 1994

Height/Weight: Kevin King is 6'1, 187lbs

Nationality: United States

Hair: Short, wavy (Brunette/Dirty Blonde)

Beard: Excellent (Brunette/Dirty Blonde)

Tattoos: He has one tattoo as of now, the date of his daughter's birthday on his right wrist.




Position: Center (Defense)

Hands: Right (Ambidextrous)

Played For-

Las Vegas Aces [VHLM]: Season 72 - Present

Flint Freezers [NEHL]: 4 Seasons

Roseville Raiders [MHSAA]: 2 Seasons




*King has worn several numbers including; 59, 77, 71, 88, 53, but last wore 94, his most common number for the Flint Freezers in the NEHL. 

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