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[GREENE] S73 Seattle Bears “Game Breakers” (Hockey Card)


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Here is yet another edition to the Game Breakers hockey card collection! In order to better gauge the Potential and Gradings for players, I have discussed with a few people (who I will keep nameless so that all heat for decisions can fall to me and not them too) what category they believe the individual will fall into and the likeliness of them reach said potential at this point in their careers. All Potentials and Grades are subject to change from season to season, and only the select few that are HoF material will eclipse Franchise so don’t get your hopes up too high.

This week we have Scott Greene, easily one of the biggest names for Seattle Bears since he was drafted there in the S67 Draft at 13th overall. Ever since he was called up to the VHL in S67, he put up some crazy numbers and helped lead his team to 3 cups over 5 seasons. From S67 until this point in the season (32 games through S73), he has accumulated 445 regular season points in 467 regular season games (183 of those points are goals with 262 assists). While winning 3 Continental Cups in 5 seasons is already impressive, over those playoff appearances he has played in 66 games and scored 57 postseason points. While only 18 of those points were goals, 2 of those goals were key game winning goals while still earning 39 assists. The most underrated parts of Scott Greene’s play are his cannon of a slap shot that is one of the hardest in the league, but he plays hard in the corners to retrieve the puck for his teammates resulting in many assists and surprisingly hits! He currently has 727 regular season hits while only receiving 390 career PIMs, showing that isn’t a pure enforcer. He also has 136 postseason hits with only 59 postseason PIMs, showing that he is more than willing to go to the harsh areas of the ice on his teammates behalf. It is a shame he has never won any personal awards over his career, but I have a feeling that will change as the league can only ignore an obvious star player like this for so long, and before his career is over he should have some hardware to his name (along side his 3 rings). His Elite grade is well deserved and we all feel that at this point in his career, giving him Exact potential makes sense as this is his 7th season in the VHL. 



Grades from highest to lowest will be:



-1st Line / Starter *(I said I was going to change it to “Top 6” but I’ve been convinced otherwise to leave it as is.)*


-Depth / Back-up



Potential Stages:






If you want me to create a card of your player/ goalie then just DM me the render you would like me to use, captaincy, position (if D then let me know if you are a DD or OD) and the jersey number you wear.

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