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Background really fits in well with the whole color scheme going on. Effects make it shine nicely but it kind of hides the render not making it pop out as much.I like what you did with the font/text, fills in space well and just looks nice, could of continued until the top but the effects kind of hide it as well.

8.5/10 Good work lad

Edited by Dolant
Specification that its a review and to make it look nice
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I know this was already reviewed but I usually review my fav sigs of the week. I'm diggin this, I think it's a great piece that could use some polish. The text and subtext look really cool together, I just think it's a little weird having the first name the main text. It might have been cool to have "Alex" in a white font, and then the "Zouzouabe" in the same size as the alex underneath in a blue font. Just a thought. Colour charnges look great, just the yellow oakley symbol is a little weird. I think overall if you had more effects and pop to Subban's face it would make the sig stand out. Other than that the blending and stockwork, text, and overall piece is probably one of the better things posted this week on the forum.


Good stuff!



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