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Laine beginning to find stride as playoff push begins, talks future in Helsinki

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HELSINKI, FINLAND - The Helsinki Titans are in an interesting spot right now. The Titans are in the playoff mix late into the season, sitting at 4th in the European Conference and just one point ahead of the 5th place Prague Phantoms. Helsinki's GM, Jubo, has made some interesting moves as of late, such as going out and doing a 1 for 1 trade for Ola Vikingstad. However, when he changed the lines after that trade, all of his lines have began rolling. Patrik Laine in particular has benefited from this line change. He has goals in 4 of his last 5 and has 8 points in that span.


"I mean it was a great move by Jubo to bring Vik in to fill that 2nd line center void that we've had. It's really worked wonders for me. I have been playing good defense all season long and now I think I'm beginning to finally find my stride."


Despite his impressive performances as of late, including a 3 point night against Davos, he has been the subject of many trade rumours.


"I really don't listen to that stuff. I guess when there is nothing else going on since the trade deadline is past, they need something to write about. I really don't care about trade rumours or contract discussions or anything right now. I'm just focused on putting this team into a playoff spot and we'll go from there."


With only two years left on his deal, we asked Laine if Helsinki had contacted him about a new contract and what he thought of Helsinki


"I mean, I've got nothing bad to say about Helsinki you know? It's been a good experience so far, but we just gotta keep playing because we have a job to do. In terms of a contract, we haven't gotten into contract talks yet but I think they will begin this offseason."


We asked Laine the one big question, do you hope to stay in Helsinki?


"Well you never know where you are going to play next year, it's still a business. Anything can happen and hopefully I have a team to play on next year. Again though, just focusing on these next 2 years of my contract and helping this team win."


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