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Rhynex Entertainment Rookie Experience

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Rhynex Entertainment, also known as "The Entertainer" had a respectable, yet disappointing stint in the development minors. Known for his hardworking attitude mixed with high IQ and sleek hands, the Entertainer had an exhilarating season in the VHLM in S74 before being selected 27th Overall by the New York Americans. Interestingly, sources say the New York Americans were among the only team interested in the talented young Center who led the VHLM Las Vegas Aces on the Triple R Terror Line. Winning the Vladimir Boomchenko Trophy in S74 with Las Vegas Aces in the VHLM, the Entertainer also found himself leading Team Canada at the World Juniors Championships. However, what might have been a factor to his stock hit would probably be the lack of Post Season, Big Game success. Having disappointing results at both the World Juniors and the VHLM playoffs.


Off to the Majors, Rhynex Entertainment is given the opportunity of a life time to learn by playing massive minutes on the top line of the New York Americans in the VHL. With much consideration and enthusiasm, the New York management traded for additional help, a familiar face. The Entertainer is united with Las Vegas Aces teammate and line mate Gary Rush @G_Rush. Entering the VHL season S75, Rhynex Entertainment had his AGM's @dlamb vote of confidence to be the Rookie of the Year and win S75 VHL Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy. Expectations are sky high for the Entertainer to produce on the very young New York Americans.


With high expectations comes massive responsibilities. Given the "A" to start the VHL, similar to how the Entertainer's experience in the VHLM with the Las Vegas Aces went, Rhynex Entertainment and the New York Americans came out flying high. A quick start flows symmetrical to the high production from the Entertainer. The Entertainer quickly took the reins to the season and top stop of the Rookie points race. A very entertaining start! But as quickly as the New York Americans flew, the Americans fell and the Ls' quickly piled up. With the losses follows struggle and the lack thereof production. The early big lead in Rookie points quickly disappeared to former minors teammate Nicholas Sunderbruch @NickSunderbruch as the Entertainer is slammed by a pointless drought for over ten games.  The drought started with multiple fighting majors, include three with the same dance rival in Jeffrey Pines @rory of the Las Angeles Stars. When all seems to be a loss of the season, came a big game against the D.C. Dragons where Rhynex Entertainment scores twice and added two apples to re-kick start the engines. The entertainer never looked back from that point on, leading the Rookie race onwards to the Christian Stolzschweiger. After what might have been a long and forgettable season for the young New York Americans team, is also a beaming start to a glorious future!


Word count: 476

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