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Team World Looks for WJC Success


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Dawson Gets Call to Team World

Drake Batherson speaks to media after practice - YouTube

In a quiet off-season, Phoenix Dawson says he was surprised by the invitation to join Team World at the WJC


Miami, FL -- Unfortunately for Phoenix Dawson, his two goals in four games was not enough help to prevent the Miami Marauders from being swept out of the first round of the VHLM playoffs. With a long wait ahead to the VHL Entry Draft, Dawson was surprised by a call from Team World to represent the team at the World Juniors.


"I was surprised," said Dawson to media prior to a flight to join the rest of the team. "I figured that I still have some of my game to find before I'll be representing Canada at future world cups, but I really thought that I was going to be sitting this one out."


Dawson will be joining Team World as their third line center. On paper, it seems that the team made up of players who were not successful in being called to their home nations stand a fair shot at having some of the games closer than some may be expecting.


Despite the early elimination for Miami in the playoffs, Dawson has been still practicing on the ice with some of his fellow season 76 prospects for the VHL scouts and he believes this is helping him improve his game.


"I'm happy with my first year in Miami," said Dawson. "I know that I still have a lot to grow into if I want to be more of a defensive player and I have been working hard at that. I think a lot of people are going to be surprised with me in the tournament. I really feel like I'm getting onto a new level." 


Dawson has shown a surprising level of dedication through his rookie season after initial scouting reports seemed to doubt the hype as the player was picked up by the Toast player agency. Despite this, his draft stock appears to be falling as mock drafts state that other prospects have been more exciting or show more promise. 


"I'm trying to keep my focus on the tournament," said Dawson. "I know that I have a lot to give any VHL team that will call my name at the Entry Draft and I know that I'm going to be one of the best players that comes out of this class. If there are teams that aren't seeing that, then it'll be them who regrets it down the road."


Dawson joins a strong center crop on Team World including the first overall pick of the S75 Entry Draft in Pistil Stamen, who arguably may be the best player in the tournament. This kind of experience on Team World has Dawson excited for the opportunity. 


"I have the chance to play on the ice with guys who have played in the VHL," said Dawson. "My goal is to make an impact in the VHL and if I can go out here and show that I have what it takes to keep up with these players, then I hope that everyone else will see what I have to offer them."


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The interview is done well, answers offer insight into what you as a player are thinking about various topics. Great attitude at the end, screw the scouts - make them regret it!

I also liked how you made the whole thing look like a proper newspaper article, not just Q's and A's from top to bottom, good stuff.



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