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Claimed:SOB Drafts Bad Team - 7th Year Celebration


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Some Random Information


I decided to try my hand at the second installation of the Super Cup. Last time around my player was brand new and our team sucked pretty bad. I figured I'd give this a try. Unfortunately I was on my cellphone which put me at an immediate disadvantage, furthermore I don't tend to keep track of some of the scrubs around the league. I probably reached a few times (I didn't expect no one to draft a goalie in the first round other than Bagelface), but I did compile what I hope is a nice mix of depth, skill and youth on my roster.


Here's my team:




LW Simon Tremblay - Naomi Young C - Matt Gallo RW

LW - Bruno Wolf - Davey Jones C - Jamie Shelter RW

LW - Tyson Stokes - Tom Slaughter C - James Faraday RW


D - Niklas Valiq - Michael Boomgaarden - D

D - Jack Sound - David Januzaj - D

D - Tony Stark - Sam Keeler - D


G1 - Steven Smy

G2 - Ikier Manushez


As you can see, we have a good core of centres which is one reason why I neglected to draft good wingers. Not to say that my wingers are slouches, many of them are just really young and won't mature until the next Super Cup. I wanted to get a fair number of draftees on my roster as well which shows up in Boomgaarden, Faraday and Stokes. I think we'll have good depth on the team with our centres, we should have phenomenal face-off win rates with this team and hopefully we'll be able to control the puck and play good team defence.


Will my team suck? Likely it will, perhaps we'll make it into the middle of the pack, but like anything its difficult to really know how things will shake out until the games start. I like the depth and the make-up of this team. In my opinion, I have some of the real elite members on this squad and we have all of the potential simmers in the league so we'll likely win by default suckers.


VHL's Seventh Birthday Bash


No one else has said anything about the VHL's upcoming birthday (July 18-20th) coming up. For you all see the league turns 7 next week and for other birthdays we've done some big shenanigans. I believe seven years is something we should all celebrate and in such I think I'm going to create a promotion where members have a chance at winning 7,000,000 for the player store. That's a lot to give away you're probably thinking and for sure I know a lot of people will be pissed, but fuck 'em. I still believe in having one giveaway every season and we haven't had one since Christmas. We've earned it. Why give away 7,000,00 you may say? Well we have a new player store coming out and 7,000,000 will buy you a triple's week or some other cool shit. So essentially I'm giving you all a triple's week or equivalent.


But it won't be that easy! No, I'm going to hide birthday related pictures to seven different places around the league and you've all got to find them. It won't be as hard or stupid as the 12 Days of Christmas shit Higgins put on, but it will be a challenge. I don't really care if you cheat or help each other, I want everyone to get the 7,000,000. I want some general fun to ensue though my friends. So without much further ado, I wish you good luck and a safe summer.

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Content: 3/3

Good read. Must have been a bitch doing that draft on your phone, I was struggling to keep up with that chat on my laptop. I too thought Bagelface would be the only goalie taken in the 1st round, which is why I snaked him, and I wasn't expecting you to grab Smyl. The birthday bash is also a good idea. I managed to find 6 and the bonus by myself, but had to get some help for the last one.


Grammar: 2/2

Didn't find anything.


Appearance: 1/1

Looks dandy.


Overall: 6/6

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