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Higginpuffs steps down as Commish


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In light of recent tragedies, Higginpuffs was seen severing his own feet and selling them at an auction. This has nothing to do with the following story.



However this next story is absolutely disgusting. Please, if you are faint of heart you DEFINITELY don't want to miss this. We all recognize Higginpuffs as a lower tier member in the VHL, but his true potential is much, much less than that. My name is Salvadork (I am eating pizza) and this is the follow up story to Ashton Gow, the grapist. A recent article has been flowing around the VHL about Higginpuffs.. No these aren't the rumors about Higginpuffs being a twat, rather a fucking twat. To help us understand the situation, we have this picture taken from an anonymous source named Munk:





Wow, what can I say? I've seen a lot of sexual harassment since I entered this league again and now I'm at a loss for words. So let me go find some for you. I think Higginpuffs should step down as commish. The reason? Well the VHL doesn't take foot fetishes too kindly and with Munk (me) being an underaged boy, it seems Higginpuffs will be forced to relinquish (the yugioh card) his title to Munk. Now this makes sense? It doesn't. However with the recent departure of Vicky and Jardy going AWOL in Saskatchewan with his tractor parties, the VHL needs a new face to lead them.




Please sign the petition below:








Want Spunk? You need Munk! Sign now to make Munk a VHL Commish!


1. Munk





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