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The Power Poll went on break last week as I was out on my drunken stupors. Unfortunately we missed congratulating Davos on a well deserved win in the Finals, so congrats to them!


The off-season is upon us though, and arguably the most exciting thing will be the return of the Super Cup. Last time around it seemed that the draft took ages and that there were a few things that just weren’t right with the tournament itself. This time around though, changes have been made and the draft went by very quickly. The rosters have been set for the tournament and now it’s just a matter of watching to see who performs when it counts. 


This edition’s power poll will be used to find which team is the viewer’s favourite to win it all. Of course, there will always be those who vote for their own team, but hopefully more than enough will vote for who they believe is the favourite to win.


So will it be Bentz Over and Say Matt who are being led by Damon Tyrael, Thomas Landry, and Eggly Bagelface?


What about Going Great Heidts who have the likes of Jakub Kjellberg, Willem Janssen, and Chico Salmon?


There is The Arceholes who have Wesley Kellinger, Matt Bentley, and Mikey Blade.


TicTac Boom Bullies with THE GOAT DEFENSEMAN CONNOR LOW, Niklas Lindberg, and Brennan McQueen.


Vestiquan's Best with Steven Smyl, Niklas Valiq, and Naomi Young.


And finally, Walser This Way with Lennox Moher, Odin Tordahl, and Xin Xie Xiao.


So as seen just by the listed players of each team, the talent of the VHL and VHLM is spread pretty evenly throughout the tournament. Who do you think will run away with it all though?


For more info on each team go HERE.


As always, please comment with your vote. The best responses get in the Mag! 

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