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Faraday will never outscore McQueen


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There's a new rivalry brewing in the European Conference of the Victory Hockey League. With Davos and Vasteras on the decline, the Riga Reign are looking into the future for answers on who will be their biggest rival. It seems that with the draft concluding, everyone agrees that the Titans have a scary bright future ahead of them and leading the way is 1st overall pick James Faraday. No one even knows how the two know each other, but Brennan McQueen of the Riga Reign seems to have a feud with the top prospect.

Reports say that Faraday has been taunting McQueen non-stop. "Your just scared to finally face Faraday, meeting your worst nightmare face to face," said James, oddly referring to himself in the third person. McQueen responded back to the media with, "I don't know what there is to be scared about. He's a new player coming into the league, isn't even developed very much on a young roster. This kid is just spewing stuff out of his ass. He won't ever outscore me as long as I'm in this league."

Should be interesting come this season to see these two face off, if Faraday even makes the jump this year. Keep an eye out, that's all we have to say for now.

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