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New Off-season, New Decisions
It's a new off-season for Davey and that means new decisions. Will he call it a career this off-season or will he stick it out with the HC Davos Dynamo and try to capture one last cup with the team. He has been trying to decide which path he wants to go down as they both have upsides. Davey's player agent, Da Trifecta will get training points for his next agent that will be carried over from Davey. As it stands, Davey would be able to contribute a 48 training point addition to Da Trifecta's next player. Davey knows that it's just a business and at some time it's going to be that time to call it a career. He has no problem in helping out DT with his next player as he knows that he brings in great players and the next one should be even better than Davey.
Davey knows that it's just a business and at some time he is gong to have to hang up the skates. He has been a part of playoff teams all of his career and has been a part of quite a few championship teams. He has played for the Bratislava Watchmen, the Yukon Rush, the Cologne Express and the HC Davos Dynamo (current team). He won a VHLM cup with the Watchmen and the Rush. He has also won two VHL championship cups with the HC Davos Dynamo in a three year period. Every team he has been on, has made the playoffs and he knows what it's like in that atmosphere. It gets real intense and he has been a great contributor to each of those teams. He has also helped around the communities in each of the cities that he has played in. He has held food drives, clothes drives and even toys drives and also toys for tots for the less fortunate in the community. He prides himself on giving back to the communities that has supported to his success.
So if he retires, he knows that he has had a great career so far and has been a winner. He has won cups in the minors and the pros. He has seen what it is like to win championships and he has even lost two years in his career. Each year, Davey gives his team 110% and he has been devoting all of his time to getting better. Now if he continues, he could potentially win more championships and hopefully cement himself into the hall of fame. He wants to try and make it as a first ballot player so he has decided to continue playing. He wants his legacy to live on and in order for that to happen, he must keep playing. He made a promise to himself that he would be in the hall of fame and he will stick to his guns and he will not retire. At least not this off-season. He has three more years to play before he has to retire as per rules. He hopes that he can continue playing those full three years and hopefully he can continue to win some more.
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Content: 3/3 - Should be an interesting end of the career for Davey. Winning cups is always good for bringing your interest back ha, worked for Olsen.

Grammar: 2/2 - gong -> going

Appearance:1 /1 - Works for me.

Overall: 6/6


Final: 6

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