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Craig Gains His First 1st Star of the Game!


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Februrary 13


Game 318 - San Diego Marlins - VS- Mississauga Hounds


The Marlins may have lost that game 3-5, but Aldwin Craig wasn't going to let them go down easily!


The game started of rough and slow with a lot of back and forth between lines and between teams. "Talk about a snore fest" says the Marlins Left Wing Craig. "I was tired of all the nonsense going on out there." Seven minutes into the game and right off the Face-Off, The Lochness Monster ( @LuluSalesAway) shot at the goal but unfortunately for her, it hit the post. Not Unfortunate for Craig though, it bounce right to him and he took his shot. GOAL! He wasn't thinking about this being his 12th goal of his first season; his only thoughts were how thankful he was for a great teammate in "Ness" ( @LuluSalesAway). The game picked up from there with a lot of his and shots on goals. There was even a response goal from the Hounds by @Miks Sunins! Fourteen Minutes into the first period and Craig gets his chance again and scores his 13th goal of the season with an assist from his buddy Ryan Coleman ( @Ryan is a king)! What a great first period for the Marlins.


The second period started of with the Hounds catching back up to the Marlins with a goal by Druss Deathwalker ( @animal74)! Even with this score, Craig wasn't deterred. His next chance at a goal came when he got the puck from Guy Lambert ( @Spartakiller2) and was on his way from the goal. A defender came out of nowhere and his intincts told him to take the shot now. He took his shot and Deflected off of his teammate Robbie Fenty ( @Herradura) but was blocked by the talented goal keeper of the Mississauga Hounds, Kirby Pandora ( @PandaBearD25)! As the puck came back out, Robbie took his shot again. This time making the goal! What a play! Fenty gained his Eighth goal of the season and Craig's Twenty Third Assist!


The third period of this Marlins game ended in sadness with three unblocked goals buy the Hounds. It was a huge upset to the team, but not much more so for Aldwin Craig. Even with his efforts the San Diego Marlins came up short once again. While holding in his forming tears from anger and sadness, his name was announced as First Star of the game, and down came the tears as joy. He has never been First Star before! As he skated out onto the ice and looked out over the crowd cheering for him, thought of his father filled his head. "If only he could be here for this." he thought.


Stay tuned as this young mans career takes of in the upcoming seasons!


461 words, Claiming week of 14 Feb


Dedicated to @DollarAndADream

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