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Going Home


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Sundberg stays at home just like he has always wanted. This past weekend was the S39 VHL Entry Draft and going in Devin Sundberg knew there was chance he could be staying to play for Vasteras. Rumours going into the draft had Sundberg going between 4th and 8th with one of those teams being the Cologne Express but just a few hours before the draft Cologne traded both their 1st round selection to New York in a blockbuster trade. Sundberg knew that with that trade he probably would fall to Vasteras and that's what happened after Helsinki took Jackson Miller at 5.

"I couldn't be happier, I've dreamed about bring Vasteras my hometown another Cup and I now will get that chance. I know Vasteras has been up and down in the past but I hope I can be a part of a future that can help stabilize the franchise." - Devin Sundberg

"This is what both myself and my agent want for him. Vasteras is his hometown, he grew up watching the Iron Eagles and all he wants out of his career is to win for a very long time in Vasteras" - Greg Harbinson

Sundberg will return for a half season in the VHLM before making the jump to the VHL to a Vasteras team hopefully making a push for the playoffs.

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Half season in the VHLM you say

Yep unless something happens that will change that

Someone WANTS to be in Vasteras? 


Oh god, kill it before it recreates

Someone needs to help them
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Someone needs to help them

Yes but I though Penisfans said nothing was wrong with them? There's no helping Vasteras, they are doomed.

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