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S39 Automatic Call-Ups


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This is for the purpose of Updaters and GM's being on the same page. Thefollowing have been automatically called up because of the TPE cap in the VHLM's.



(S38) Brock Waldron - Goalie


(S37) Azmet Ali - Forward


(S37) Bennett Wahl - Center


(S38) Don Draper - Defenseman

(S39) Jackson Miller - Forward

(S39) Tyson Stokes - Center

(S38) Chris Raymond - Forward


(S39) Koji Yamazaki - Defenseman


(S38) Steve Tremblay - Forward

(S38) Dimothenis Vlasis - Defenseman

The Following have been Retired: (*VHLM GM's take notice)

Triton Jackson

Luke Riggs

Rick Ross

Shane Baker

Doug Clifford

Edited by Kendrick
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Jimity kricket retired as well. Was G on Ottawa. HFFOs player.

That was already processed into the sim. These were ones that done recently with Victor away.
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