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I recently wrote two articles about who might be my next player once Collier retires. I already have a frontrunner in mind but I would still like to hear your opinions and find out which of the players sounds the most interesting to you? They are from different nations, play different positions and have different backstories. I actually had three more players that I came up with in my mind and wanted to write about, but figured that a third article about players that don't actually exist in the sim (yet) would have been a bit much. So which player would you like to know more about, Ethan Davis, Jonathan Tyrell, Nicolas Caprivi, Nikita Solchinyzyn, Nikolai Prokhyurszkyn, Landon Laich or Lauri Lehtuvuori? Please let me know either through the vote or in a reply in the thread, I'm already looking forward to your thoughts!


You can find the players and their stories here and here.

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