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Hunter get's the call.


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Just like that, the Saskatoon Wild's season is over, unfortunately our Saskatoon Wild did not make the VHLM playoffs after not being able to clinch a playoff spot. Overall this season showed how a poor start can drastically change the outcome of the season. 

But this season, after the final regular season game, Braxton Hunter got the call. He will be heading up to the VHL's Prague Phantoms for the end of their regular season and their playoff run. While in attempt to catch up with Hunter before he left for Prague, sitting outside the locker room we were able to hear Braxton Hunter's last speech as the Saskatoon Wild's Captain. 


Beginning this season, there were only a few of us here. Heck we didn't even have a goalie, knowing that this was going to be an uphill season I was proud to be the captain, proud to be a member of the Saskatoon Wild.

Over the course of the season, making crucial trades to pickup a goalie as well as all of the amazing pickups off of the waiver wire. We improved, we came together, we created a kick ass locker room experience that is unmatched in VHLM. We didn't finish the season the way we wanted to, but this season in Saskatoon will set up the Wild for success for seasons to come. With our locker room and our ability to come together in a short period of time, anyone should be proud to come to Saskatoon and be a member of this amazing franchise. We have amazing leadership in the front office and I know without a doubt we consistently have the best locker room in the M.

Just because our season ended in a way we didn't want doesn't make it a failure. I see our season as a huge success, the growth from everyone here has been amazing to see. I believe that each and every one of you will become a major factor on the VHLM and VHL teams that you will get drafted to. Even if you don't end up back in Saskatoon, the season that we shared together will still stay in my mind and I hope that you remember it fondly as well. Now, I'm getting called up tonight and will be leaving for Prague in a few days. But I'll still be here to help, you all have my number, and I know that I'll still check in to see how the new era of the Saskybois will improve and move our tradition forward in seasons to come. So don't disappoint! Saskatoon and the people in here deserve a winner.


From failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high. I will miss each and every one of you, it was the biggest privilege and best blessing in my life to serve as your captain this year." 


The entire locker room went silent, as we awaited who would be one of the first one out of the locker room. To our surprise it was Declan Wolf, one of the Wolf brothers on this year's Saskatoon Wild team, we decided to ask Declan for his input on Hunter and the impact he has made on the team:

" I'm sad that we didn't make the playoffs and that Braxton is going to be leaving the team suddenly, but that's how it goes, were in the minors after all. Anyway, I wished him all the best in the pros with Prague and I'm sure he'll succeed and mesh with them. I'd love to some day be back on the same team as Braxton. Overall I really don't think we could've had a better captain."


After the players cleared out the locker room we caught up with the management of the Saskatoon Wild and they had the following to say about Hunter:


" It's something I'm thrilled to see happen, to be honest. Braxton was fantastic for us all season and this was something he has been working really hard for. With the Wild falling short of the playoffs this season, it's a very classy gesture by Jason Glasser to bring him up for the playoff run. All of us here in Saskatoon are excited to see his season continue, and we will be behind him all the way!


Overall looking at Braxton Hunter's career with the Saskatoon Wild was rather long, spending two and a half seasons in the M. What is good to see is the progression in his game, as indicated with the stats below. With this past season being far and beyond his best as captain of the Saskatoon Wild. Overall Hunter finishes his career averaging over 1 point per game and over 3 hits per game, which is a clear indication of his development as a physical power forward who looks to get his teammates involved in the game, we here at The Star Phoenix hope that Hunter's play will be able to translate into the VHL with Prague, but it is a completely different game in the VHL. 



In this past season Hunter was #4 in points, #10 -Goals, #3 assists, #4 hits, #5 SHG, not too bad for the captain this season. 


As for Hunter's future with Prague, we were unable to get a comment from the current GM of the Prague Phantoms, but we are very excited to see what Hunter can do in the playoffs. With the first round matchup being the Prague Phantoms vs the Riga Reign, both teams were interested in Hunter during the VHL draft, but it was Prague who selected Hunter. 


Their season series so far has been back and forth with Riga eking out with a 4-2 record:




Overall it looks like Hunter will be placed on the 3rd or 4th line playing with the likes of Robert Bouchard and John Brewitt who have both had respectable seasons with Prague, but what remains to be seen is if Hunter will be able to translate his VHLM success with the Saskatoon Wild into success with the Prague Phantoms. With the VHL playoffs coming up soon it will certainly be a trial by fire for Hunter as he will surely be looked upon with a magnifying glass from both Prague players, coaches and front office as well as the coaches and players of the Riga Reign. 


We here at The Star Phoenix want to thank Braxton for all of his hard work and volunteer work in the community of Saskatoon over the past 3 seasons, the amount of time openly spent with us and was willing to provide interviews and share his time with us before and after games is something that we will not forget. Thank you Braxton. 


From the Star Phoenix and our last article about Braxton Hunter as he makes his way to Prague, this is Marek Joseph. 


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The VHL isn't letting Hunter play because they are scared of him, sounds about right. I like that you changed the color of the interview questions, it makes it easier to comprehend who is speaking. Like your use of pictures as well. 10/10

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