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  1. 1. Who do you think the Wild should draft in the first round? Jan, that guy is an absolute monster 2. Are you in any of the offseason events? (Pro-Am, World Juniors, etc.) Pro-Am and World Juniors, blessed to be in both 3. Which VHL club has the best logo, in your opinion? The Saksatoon Wild, clearly obvious choice to me. 4. Will you tune in to the VHL draft livestream? Unfortunately I have prior committments 5. What skills are you going to work on this offseason? All because I am being
  2. 1. How has your offseason gone so far? - Good, made the move over to Prague 2. How are you preparing for the upcoming VHL/VHLM drafts, have teams been talking with you? - I'm not draft eligible as I've already been drafted. But I remember that my draft process was rather boring, only 2 teams reached out and it was clear that one team just sent a spam message to everyone and the other team actually took an interest in me. 3. Do you have any preference where you could be drafted? - Everyone from Saskatoon should come to Prague
  3. Just like that, as quickly as this season has come and gone. Braxton Hunter's hopes of playing in the VHL playoffs with the Prague Phantoms were dashed when upon arrival in Prague Hunter tested positive for COVID-19. "I was in shock, I did my best to stay socially distant and not go to any get togethers or even be around my family before I left to come here." Hunter told us over the phone while isolating in a hotel in Prague. " From hearing back home it was one of the employees at the hotel I was self-isolating at before coming here. Super unfortunate and super frustra
  4. Not much to criticize about this article. Incredibly well written about an amazing topic and team. I really enjoyed the content, the only thing I would change is making the quotes "italicized" to break up the chunks of texts and make the quotes stand out more, using the same newspaper and referencing multiple players on the roster added a ton of depth that you don't see in many articles. To me it was a near perfect article! Review: 9.9/10 (because there's always room for improvement)
  5. 1. Where do you think you'll play next season? If you're getting drafted in the VHL, have any preference for what team selects you? - Prague, unless they trade me 2. Although we didn't make playoffs, what's one good thing that happened to you this season? - The new additions to the roster, made it easy for me to be a captain. 3. Since we're done, are there any other teams you're rooting for? - Not really, more concerned with going up to the VHL 4. Who do you think will win the Founder's Cup this season? (VHLM) - Houston, they're a powerhouse
  6. Just like that, the Saskatoon Wild's season is over, unfortunately our Saskatoon Wild did not make the VHLM playoffs after not being able to clinch a playoff spot. Overall this season showed how a poor start can drastically change the outcome of the season. But this season, after the final regular season game, Braxton Hunter got the call. He will be heading up to the VHL's Prague Phantoms for the end of their regular season and their playoff run. While in attempt to catch up with Hunter before he left for Prague, sitting outside the locker room we were able to hear Braxton Hunter's last sp
  7. During a mandated "break" by the VHLM, the Saskatoon Wild decided that they were going to allow their players to travel and go see their families or take time away from the game of Hockey. Once again, the Captain of the Saskatoon Wild Braxton Hunter has not disappointed in the description of his travels as we were able to catch up with him after the "break". It was reported that Hunter took a flight to Prague to visit former teammates from the Saskatoon Wild last year, but meet up with former teammate Silas LeFriend and future teammate Thomas Landry II from the Prague Phantoms to go on a t