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  1. YourInferiorx

    Ilya Samorukov (OTT)

    The Ottawa one actually
  2. YourInferiorx

    Ilya Samorukov (OTT)

    Alright, I can do that. I just need help with getting the update format
  3. YourInferiorx

    Practice Facility (May 7 - May 13)

    Samorukov +2
  4. YourInferiorx

    Discussion - Welcome To VHL Dynasty!

    Interesting for sure, I'm down 👀
  5. YourInferiorx

    NYA/QUE S60

    Oh oops, got confused from looking at Helsinki's stats right before, my bad 😅
  6. YourInferiorx

    Skater/ Smitty

    Distribute the points throughout the stats you'd like to upgrade and I think you're good 😀
  7. YourInferiorx

    NYA/QUE S60

    Helsinki now has added to their already great offensive core.
  8. YourInferiorx

    Claimed: Samorukov [1/2]

    Ah nice, I go there a few times in a year to see some family.
  9. YourInferiorx

    Claimed: Samorukov [1/2]

    Ayye it worked, I appreciate the help 😁
  10. YourInferiorx

    Claimed: Samorukov [1/2]

    Here it goes...
  11. YourInferiorx

    Claimed: Samorukov [1/2]

    Are you able to add it on mobile or only on desktop?
  12. YourInferiorx

    Ilya Samorukov (OTT)

    Alright, sounds good.
  13. YourInferiorx

    Claimed: Samorukov [1/2]

    Can you tell me how I can make it my graphic?
  14. YourInferiorx

    Claimed: Samorukov [1/2]

    That looks sick! Thanks a lot bro, I really mean it 😅😀
  15. YourInferiorx

    RW - Phineas Kelly

    You distribute 30 points on whatever stats you want