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  1. Yes I agree. I too, prefer a drawn out playoffs. And this coming from more of a fan perspective than one from a GM. They should be special and not rushed. Sim each series game one per day or something along those lines.
  2. 1. Yes, I do prefer to get gift shopping done early, however, that's always easier said than done. Between simply being busy and a little bit of procrastination, it ends up being later than I want. 2. I side with the player most of the time if they deserve it. And with the CBA looming, more players are looking for guaranteed money up front rather than an annual salary, so the situation is a bit unique. I think he got a fair deal and should have been done sooner, but instead I think Dubas is playing hardball with him. Dubas was just seeing if he could make that bridge deal happen at a lower rate. That's the business side I guess. 3. I'm not sure who the gift would go to, perhaps a GM as a bribe for a larger salary. Something tells me I'd just get traded. I can't give coal to anyone. I'm simply not that mean. 4. Seeing it hasn't been any other way for me, I have no other choice but to select car\SUV 5. Bulls On Parade - RATM, specifically from their Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium album. Really good overall live album too. 6. First off, something comfy. As much as I'd like a bean bag chair, can't have that as it won't be great for my back. Perhaps an ergonomically friendly chair? Or better yet, a chair like Tony Montana had in his office in Scarface? Sorry, that's the best I can come up with.
  3. Toby Fitzgerald Defenseman Hits\30 (210 hits = 7) Points\7 (78 pts = 11) Total = 18
  4. 1b - My expectations in the VHLM playoffs are to bring home a cup, lead the team in +\- and assists. Looking forward to becoming a Titan next season. 2 - That only milestone I care about is championships. Anything less than 4 would be a disappointment. 3 - It's a toss up between football and baseball. Both are very much chess-like behind the scenes when you break things down in their own respect, but the wrinkle in all that, is that your players still need to execute the plan at a high level to win the game. But I love the strategy of both games. Football comes down to different situations and the playcalling involved. Baseball comes down to batter vs. pitcher, guessing the pitch etc. There's so much more to it than that, but you get my point. 4 - Geesh.... the toughest part of this question may be figuring out which cuisine I haven't eaten before. Does New Zealand have a cuisine? I've never been there, so safe to say I haven't had any of that. I try any food at least once. 5 - Not a fan of Christmas music being played outside of the Dec 1 - 25th date range. Otherwise, I can tolerate it in small doses. There's only so much Mariah Carey and Bing Crosby a man can listen to. Oh, not to mention the many covers of John Lennon's Happy Xmas. 6 - Hmmmm... really not much of a Netflix person, but if you're a fan of mockumentaries, give American Vandal a shot.
  5. As the previous VHLM season came to a close, Toby Fitzgerald’s future was not as clear cut as he had wanted things to be. He wasn’t sure if his career would crash and burn, or if he thought he could rebound from what he calls, “a disappointing year”. After being on one of the best teams in the league – Halifax 21sts, and being paired with defenseman Shawn Glade, while the team prospered as one of the best around, Fitzgerald was not happy with his play in his very first year in the league. He signed with Halifax a bit late and thus he felt a little bit behind the 8-ball. And it showed on the ice. “Coming in so late I felt kind of hurt my initial season production”, said Fitzgerald. “I guess I was able to still make an okay season out of it, but I know I can do better”. He wasn’t sure he would find a home in his second season as he was on a tryout 1-year deal with Halifax. “I simply didn’t know if my performance on the ice would have been noticed at all or if I would just have had the single year and be done.” Luckily, that was not the case. In the ensuing off-season, a very surprised Fitzgerald was being looked at by a couple teams prior to the draft, where he was ultimately selected by the Helsinki Titans. “To be honest, I was surprised anyone selected me with the lackluster season I put up. Apparently, it was enough to get noticed. I’m happy to have been selected. I guess we’ll see where this goes.” Fitzgerald was offered the option to play with the big club at the time, but wanted to see if he could find a VHLM team to play with to work a bit more on his development. He wound up signing another 1 year deal - this time with the Saskatoon Wild, who are currently in a dogfight for the top spot as the season winds down. His decision to stay in the VHLM also seems to have been a good one as the young defenseman is finding his niche as one of the better all-around defenseman. “Even though I’m glad I finally found my game this season, I need to continue to take pride in being a two way player. It’s something I’ve always strived for. Contributing offensively is great, but I’d much rather be someone who is not a liability to my team by focusing on becoming a defense first type of defenseman.” And Fitzgerald is doing a fine job in both regards on a team that is loaded with stellar blueliners. While he is 4th on the team in scoring with a 15-60-75 stat line as this season is almost complete, he brings a ton of other intangibles that many people can easily overlook what he brings to the table. First off, he sports a +23 +\- which leads all defenseman on Saskatoon that speaks to his awareness and smart play on the ice. Fitzgerald also leads his team in hits with 198 and 116 blocked shots. The last thing to mention in this, is that he also has a bit of a nasty edge to his game as he leads his team with 100 PIM. “I’ve always like mixing things up a bit,” said Fitzgerald, chuckling. “We can’t have guys thinking they can take liberties with some of our superstar players. So, I like bringing that physicality to my game when it’s needed. I have a very old school hockey mentality which I feel today’s game is missing but is required.” While Fitzgerald says he’s excited at the prospect of playing for Helsinki next season, he says he’s focused on finishing the year with Saskatoon and hopefully, bring home a cup before graduating to the VHL. “Last year was a real disappointment with that team in Halifax. We had a rough go in the playoffs. But I feel we have a better team in Saskatoon this season. Just hoping this year turns out better with the Wild. We’ll find out soon enough.” Either way, if things continue to improve for this young defenseman, you're about to see a very successful career just about to get started. (719 words)