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  1. Joubo

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1. Pat Svoboda, he has the skill to be a sleeper in the draft. 2. I'm hoping to have in the low 300's. Gotta work hard and push to get there. 3. Canada is the favourite for sure, but I like the looks of team World. 4. Free TPE. 5. Ask questions, use discord, and just do your best. It may seem daunting but if you can get into a rhythm then you'll do just fine. 6. Yes, yes, yes. I think I would make the team. Specially if there was a rep from every team.
  2. Joubo

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    6. I'm happy with where I'm at currently. I have been leaving a couple points on the table recently due to real life, but I'll get back into the swing a things in a couple weeks once everything had calmed down.
  3. Joubo

    Las Vegas Aces Press Conference

    1. I have mixed feelings. I thought with the roster we have we'd be top 2 in the leauge. Though we are in a playing spot. I know we have a lot more to give. 2. He gives us another legitimate scoring threat on the Left side. Maybe we can load up the 1st PP unit. 😉😉 3. I'm building up my extra TPE right now and I think that's really going to help me fill any niche with the Meute. I think I'll be a solid 2nd liner next season for them allowing me to grow even more. 4. Julian Borwinn, he killed it for us last year and is killing it for Helsinki this season. Have you seen his point totals? 5. Honestly it's not as bad as I thought it would be. The fans are great. The city really supports us and the nightlife makes for some epic stories with the boys.
  4. Joubo

    S63 All-Star General Manager Vote

    Oh ok. Lol.
  5. Joubo

    S63 All-Star General Manager Vote

    Wait is that how everything is simmed? You do it on NHL? No wonder the playoff sim engine is so wonky.
  6. Joubo

    Team World announces leadership group

    Let's do this.
  7. Joubo


    Looks good
  8. Joubo

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1) The season has kicked off now, how do you feel about your team's performance to this point of the season? I'm a little disappointed, there hasn't been a lot of weekly growth from our players. I'm hoping they pick it up and we make sure serious push for the championship. 2) What would you say has been your best performance in a game so far this season? I can't pick just one game, but my whole season is way better. I'm going to surpass my points totals from last season very quickly. 3) For some of you this will have been your first week of experience with the sim, what are your thoughts on the sim engine thus far? I don't understand how it works but would be interested in more information. 4) If you could bring in a brand new point task for the VHL, what would it be? Do a players combine before the drafts. Allows players to do skills to show where they really succeed. 5) The World Juniors cup will be happening in the near future, how likely do you think you'll be to representing your country? If I'm not on my teams roster, I will be very disappointed. 6) Of all the logos in the VHLM, which one would you consider your favourite and why? The Aces. It's clean and unmistakable.
  9. Joubo

    Players: Seeking Endorsement

    Are you still looking for a deal?