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    Hockey, skateboarding, true crime and horror podcasts
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    Jorgon Weyed - S63 VHLM Top Two-Way Forward - Las Vegas Aces

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  1. Joubo

    GM 110: Calgary Wranglers vs. Quebec City Meute

    I've been pretty clutch on the PS lately. Let me at em coach.
  2. Joubo

    TPE: Reddit Weekly Upvote

    Done TBL
  3. Joubo

    GM 59: Quebec City Meute vs. Helsinki Titans

    About time. Had me feeling like William Nylander the past couple games.
  4. Joubo

    VHL Pickem (S64W2)

    Toronto Quebec Seattle´╗┐ Calgary
  5. Joubo

    VHL Predict the score (S64W2)

    Toronto 3-2
  6. Joubo

    GM 29: Quebec City Meute vs. Helsinki Titans

    Woot woot. Good game.