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    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1) This week, we've had a Mid-Season PT Theme bonus, where you got 10 extra TPE for making a PT about another player in the league. What theme would you like to be used next season? Some good themes for next year would be Reset the League with a fantasy draft, GM for a day. 2) We've also re-launched the VHL's Twitter account, and you can get 3 TPE for following the account and retweeting the recruitment tweet. Which social media platform do you think VHL should cover next? Facebook and Instagram would be good ones. 3) Four of the five playoff places in the VHLM have been decided, the remaining teams to battle it out for the last place in the playoffs are the Rush and the Wild. The Rush are three points behind the Wild, but the Rush have a game more to play and the two teams play each other twice before the season's end. Who do you think will make the playoffs? The Wild will make the playoffs, the Rush won't be able to win both games against the Wild to slip in. 4) At the top of the table, it's a battle between the 21st and the Aces. The 21st are two points ahead of the Aces and the two teams play each other one more time before the end of the season. Who do you think will top the table come the end of the season? The 21st will top the table this season. The Aces could tie but I still think the 21st will be the top. 5) Speaking of the 21st, they revealed their logo yesterday, what do you think of it? I like the new logo, brings together history of such a great city and shows it in a new light. 6) Finally, I'll be doing another Mock Draft in my weekly Draftee Rankings tomorrow, fill in the template below with who you think will go where in the first four picks! 1 (Helsinki Titans) - Tzuyu 2 (New York Americans) -  Kastelic 3 (Toronto Legion) - Borwinn 4 (Riga Reign) - McWolf
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    VHL Predict the score (S62W5)

    254. HC Dynamo 3-1 Reign
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    VHL Pickem (S62W5)

    252 Wranglers 253 Bears 254 HC Dynamo 255 Meute
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    VHL Predict the score (S62W4)

    Meute 2-4 Wranglers
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    VHL Pickem (S62W4)

    175 Legion 176 Reign 177 Bears 178 Wranglers
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    VHLM Pickem (S62W4)

    162 Las Vegas Aces 163 Ottawa Lynx 164 Las Vegas Aces 165 Halifax 21st
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    VHLM Predict the Score (S62W4)

    Vegas 3-2 Ottawa
  10. It's only been three weeks, but Jorgon Weyed has been rising through the ranks of the Las Vegas Aces. Starting on the 3rd line a third of the way into the season. He has started to get a grasp on the league and the oppsoing teams. His main weapon, his size, has been a huge help in defending the ice against opposing players. He is sitting at +8 with 36 games played. With only 11 points, he is never going to be a highlight reel player, but he never wanted to chase those accolades. He knows that hockey is a team sport and everyone has a specific role to play. He has now been given a shot on the first line, his focus will still be on the defensive side of the game, but now being able to play with Super Star Julian Borwinn and Number One Center Scott Shawingagen he hopes to light the lamp a little bit more. With just a little less than half the season left to play, Jorgon hopes he can help his team secure first place in the league. He knows his team is on the cusp of something great. All it takes is hard work and a dedication to getting better each and every game. His main focus now is getting stronger defensively, working on shot blocking, stick checking and overall puck handling to ensure that he can be the best defensive forward in the league. He is also focusing on the draft and where he sits in relations to other Right Wingers. He has had some contact with VHL General Managers. He's had a few interviews and follow ups from prospective teams. There are a lot of great options out there, but the only choice he gets is how he grows himself as a player. His father gave him some good advice about being drafted. “It is so important to have dreams and to work hard to fulfil them, but you don’t know where you’ll end up” Michael Weyed said, "Just work hard and you will end up where you belong." Jorgon thought he was going to be given a shot on his National Team, but unfortunately did not make the cut. He doesn't blame anyone but himself in not making them team. He will keep working hard and work to prove himself for the next National camp. He knows if he can show he is a good pro and allows himself to get better offensively he won't be left off the roster next time. He wishes Team World good luck in the knockout stages. Knowing they have a great lineup and some of the best players in the league. Team Canada will be their biggest hurdle in winning the Championship, but he knows that of they focus on playing a solid team game they can beat anyone. Now he needs to keep up the momentum he has gained in his first few weeks and bring his intensity to the ice every game and good things will happen.
  11. Joubo

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1. Team World definitely did not live up to my expectations. 2 wins in 8 games is not how I expected them to fare. I wonder how the team would have played if I had made the team. 2. I think I might be the steal of the draft, I know I won't be taken in the first few rounds but I feel like I'm going to fill a defensive niche on any team. If given the chance to play with more offensive linemates I know that we will excel. 3. Julian Borwinn has the skill to compete for the trophy. Las Vegas is a solid team and the right line combinations are essential in allowing him to reach his potential. 4. Cole Mertz has been insane in net for Halifax. Having such a strong starter is the main reason they are leading the league. 5. Honestly, I check scores and standings of the VHL on occasion, but my focus has been the VHML. If I get drafted my focus will turn to the VHL. 6. I saw the hints this week after I had found the aswers to my questions. Knowing that there will be hints helps, but I enjoy the fun in looking up the answers, or engaging other players for their knowledge.
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    VHL Pickem (S62W4)

    175 Americans 176 Reign 177 Bears 178 Meute