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Draper moves to Finland


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Sensation defenceman Don Draper has said goodbye to his teammates, family, and friends in Canada; Yukon specifically. For the past two seasons, Draper has dominated the VHLM as one of the most elite players in the league. In his first season, he played a huge part in the later parts of the season; locking down Yukon's defence to bring them the Founder's Cup. This season, Draper led the team with the C on his jersey the cup once again.


Now, it is time to move on for Draper. He was picked up by the Helsinki Titans in the S38 VHL Entry Draft. No longer allowed to compete the VHLM, Draper now must make the move to Finland.


"It's gonna be tough; leaving behind my friends, my teammates, my yacht. But its also exciting. Finland is, from now on, where I hang my hat. I've got a great apartment, and I can't wait to move in. Its home now. Although Im going to miss my buds in Yukon, it makes it easier knowing there is a great bunch of guys waiting for me in Helsinki."

VHLM - You have been Draped. 


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Boom - That is awesome! I shall treasure it forever.


eq/gorlab: yeah i got some pretty sleezy tv endorsements. I also made eaglesfan pay me out of his own pocket to get me to stay in Yukon.


STZ: ;)

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