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Claimed:Laichly Rift's Pajodcast Episode 90 - Live VHL Award Edition!


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It was done on Mixlr so there will be two different links to the two hour show. Start with the first link obviously and then go to the second. Higgins Jericho and I I break down the awards with some guest appearances from Corco, Mike, Mr. Ducksworth, Jardy, and the man the myth the legend, Robert Finchall.


Part 1

Part 2 

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Context: 3/3
I really enjoyed this. Great work, lots of guests, mostly on topic. One of my favorite episodes to date.

Professionalism: 2/2
Yes, I think it was very professional by Pajodcast standards :P

Editing: 1/1

Overall: 6/6


Claim: 6

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