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Helsinki Game Thread Activity Awards


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Don Draper Helsinki Superfan

So, to promote game thread activity, last year I started a Game Thread Activity Tracker. It worked to the point where we had the most active game threads, but it was shitty having to calculate all the posts. Also, it didn't help that we only really had three active players on our team.. Funny enough the player that won the award is Don Draper, who will be entering the league this year. The prizes will be posted below, but one of the kickers was I had to do a 590 about the winner.

While mostly this is just for fun, we are also using this Activity Tracker when naming captains. We've drafted a lot of great leaders and great members, so I anticipate this initiative will be very successful in the coming years.

Donny Draper though has stood out as one of the brightest first-gen players in a long time. While his TPE goals are very high, I think what sets him apart is that he's quickly making his mark on the forum as a member. I've even heard his name get brought up by some of the longest serving members as a candidate for the BOG. That's pretty impressive for a guy who doesn't have a VHL game to his name yet. This is a guy who is not only going to have a very successful VHL career with this player, but I'm sure many in the future. He's been an amazing LR addition, and will end up being one of those members that players WANT to team with.



590 write up and signature


signature [coming]


firm handshake from HEL LW1

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Who wouldn't want that first prize? Good god I can't wait until I become a third pairing guy somewhere and can meet HEL LW1

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