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The Massachusetts Connection


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The Massachusetts Connection


Two of the recent players to declare for the VHLM have a connection that runs deeper than just hockey. Thomas O'Malley was born in Boston, Massachusetts and James Faraday was born in Essex, Massachusetts. James Faraday is one year older than O'Malley, but they both got their first taste of VHLM action in Season 37 as waiver pick ups. Before they joined the VHLM these two were college hockey stars playing for Boston College.



Faraday celebrates scoring the OT winner for Boston College in the Frozen Four semi-finals while teammate O'Malley jumps on his back.


James Faraday played 4 seasons with BC and Thomas O'Malley played 3 seasons with BC before they both decided to join the VHL. The two local boys became gods in Boston and Massachusetts and have left the BC campus as living legends. They went to two Frozen Four National championships with Boston College and won both times in 2013 and 2014. Faraday graduated and turned pro, while O'Malley opted out a year early to turn pro. James Faraday was drafted by the Helsinki Titans 1st overall and Thomas O'Malley is ranked #1 by the ISS for the S40 draft.


Could O'Malley and Faraday reunite again to relive their college hockey success? Only time will tell.


James Faraday NCAA Statistics

11' Freshman ~ 29GP - 4G - 4A - 8PTS - 6PIM

12' Sophomore ~ 44GP - 12G - 10A - 22PTS - 18PIM

13' Junior ~ 37GP - 16G - 10A - 26PTS - 10PIM

14' Senior ~ 40GP - 43G - 14A - 57PTS - 10PIM


Thomas O'Malleys NCAA Statistics

12' Freshman ~ 35GP - 2G - 15A - 17PTS - 12PIM

13' Sophomore ~ 37GP - 6G - 21A - 25PTS - 26PIM

14' Junior ~ 42GP - 11G - 50A - 61PTS - 10PIM

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