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Davey is ready for the new season to start. This will be his fifth season in the VHL and he is ready to continue his legacy. He made a promise to have a hall of fame career and he is on pace for one. He has currently played in every game so far which is 288 total. During his career he has amassed such good numbers, that he is impressed when he looks them over. He can't believe all that he has accomplished so far and is ready to add on to it. He knows that he has a lot to work on to be better and solidify himself in the hall and he is ready to do that.
During all those games, he has got 179 goals and 188 assists. That totals to 367 points and he is quite content with those numbers. They may not be the best of anyone, but he hopes that he can continue to dominate. He wants to make sure that he can continue to have more 100 point seasons but he wants to score more goals. He recently maxed out his scoring and he hopes that that will attribute to him doing better. Also the fact that his teammates are coming back are a positive thing. They did bring in Godiva chocolate (Godavari Yumalatopinto) to help out the defense. Hopefully he can keep up with the team and give them a better team than last year. The New York Americans finished with the best record in the VHL, but they also lost legendary goalie Tuomas Tukio. Hopefully that makes all the difference and the Dynamo can reclaim their seat atop the VHL standings. They once were a force to be reckoned with and that title had been taken from them. They are ready to reclaim it and Davey will help spearheading the attack.
Davey wants to try and help this team get one more cup win before he hits free agency. He isn't quite sure if he is to return to the Dynamo or move on. What he does know right now is that his mind set is 100% on winning. He doesn't want to focus on where he will play the remaining two years of his career at. He isn't worried about how much money he will be making in his new contract. He wants another cup to add to the two that he already has. He has worked so hard in his career to let it stop with two cup victories. His teammates have embraced him as the top line center and one of the leaders of this team. He just hasn't been as vocal as he should be but he does say it in the locker room. The season is 72 games long and he is ready to play every single game. He is ready to add more goals and assists to his total count already. He is more importantly ready to add another ring to his collection.
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