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Off the Ledge #2 - S79 VHL Draft Review


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I don't want to ping the entire draft class so instead imma ping the guys I was supposed to shout out at the end but I couldn't because time limit


@Vat @vatiscool @Domg5 @hylands's justin bieber render @MattyIce


Claiming for two weeks.


P.S. I also I figured out the issue from the last one, you have to listen to it in the spotify app for some reason.

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- I was simmer AND commish, for far too long.


- I wouldn’t say I’m not likely to go inactive, I was inactive for 3 years!


- I would like to hear about the Calvin Harvey drama! 😠


- I still think putting faith in active first-gens is the right play. 

Anyway, good podcast, you really seem to know your shit!

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