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VHL Players Who Played Hockey Real Good Like (Part I)


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Playing Hockey Real Good Like (Part I) - Anton Brekker



Sometimes in the VHL, it's easy for the legends to get lost in the shuffle of the constant rotation of players and new members and old members exchanging spots so quickly. Because of this, I've decided I'm going to start a new weekly 590 series digging up some not too obvious legends that I feel the newer members might like to hear about. If anyone has suggestions of certain legends I should do, feel free to PM me. But for today, I'll be doing a former teammate of mine in Anton Brekker.


Brekker was drafted by the Seattle Bears and tore up his rookie year by averaging over a little more than a PPG, electrifying Bears fans everywhere. However, the excitement wouldn't last too long as Brekker forced a trade out of Seattle that would see him land on the team that is now considered the league's best organization, the Davos Dynamo. A huge reason behind that statement is because of Brekker's success with the club where he won 3 Continental Cups (and 5 European Conference titles). Brekker in the regular season over his career was a monster to say the least, amassing 823 points and throwing over 1200 hits in his 8 seasons career. 3 Continental Cups? Check. Over 750 Points? Check. The main offensive cog on a dynasty? Check.


However, Brekker during the twilight of his career wasn't liked by many outside of his teammates. Brekker was very vocal and wasn't afraid to throw a few chirps towards many of his opponents. This led Davos to often be in the center of attention when it came to rivalries with many other opponents, Brekker often being the center piece. Although rivalries at the time may seem annoying when they are going on at the time to people who aren't involved in them, looking back on them often gives a sense of nostalgia and moments when the league interest was high for those particular teams. Brekker has left his mark in the league in the Hall of Fame, further establishing the Dynamo franchise, and providing us all with memory of some very intense rivalries with the Toronto Legion and even the Helsinki Titans.

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