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Half way point, Part 1




A few weeks before the Season Thirty-Five VHL Entry Draft, Conner Low was winding down a extremely disappointing season with the Saskatoon Wild. Low was a waiver pick up by the lowly Wild just two games into the VHLM’s thirty-fourth season, with Low first seeing action in a seven four loss to the Minot Gladiators. Low had an impressive showing in his first professional game, putting up a goal and an assist while also taking and winning one face-off for the Wild. We’ll look at the not so easy journey Low took to get where he is now among the current VHL superstars.




Low finished up Season Thirty-Four with the Wild, who finished last in the entire VHLM with only ten wins and twenty-six points on the season. Low finished the season leading the Wild in all three offensive categories with twenty-four goals and fifty assists, while also being very effective in his own end with 150 hits and 122 shots blocked. Low switched his focus after a disappointing season in Saskatoon to training for the upcoming VHL draft, which was considered a weak draft at the time and is still considered one of the weakest in the past decade in the VHL. Low was the second rated defenseman in the draft after Wild team-mate Edwin Encarnacion, but surprisingly only two VHL teams contacted Low’s agent heading into the draft expressing interest in the young defensemen. One of those teams was the New York Americans, but General Manager made it clear to Low’s camp that they were looking to take Low, only if Encarnacion wasn't still on the board. The Riga Reign used their first round pick to shore up their defensive core by selecting the  highly touted prospect in Encarnacion, leaving New York with the next selection to use on Low. As Low left the podium with General Manager Chris Miller, he made a promise to his General Manager and the entire Americans organization to not let them down for the selection they just made.



The Americans were in full rebuild mode by the time Low made his way to the organization, so the team took advantage of another year of VHLM eligibility for Low and sent him back down to the minors. After being claimed on waivers during his first stint in the minors, Low was eligible for the Season Thirty-Five VHLM Dispersal Draft. With Saskatoon having two of the first three picks in the draft and the connection Low had made already with the city and Wild’s organization, Low’s camp was certain he would be headed back to the bridge city, but again Low would slip down the draft board landing at the number five spot to the Ottawa Lynx. The Lynx were building for Season Thirty-Five with a mix of VHLM journeyman and plenty of VHL first round draft picks on their roster, which made for a fun experience for Low’s first VHL locker room. Low and the Lynx would cruise their way to a Founder’s Cup championship, with Low taking home the  VHLM’s top defenseman for his 109 point performance during the regular season. Low was happy to finish off his VHLM career with a championship and hoped that his recent success in the VHLM could translate into success in the big leagues.



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Content: 3/3

Good read. I bet those teams who passed up on Low in drafts are kicking themselves now! Honestly, I hope that Draper can have even half the amazing career Low has had thus far.


Grammar: 2/2



Appearance: 1/1

Looks good.


Overall: 6/6

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