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Im not ready to give up football, so Im bringing back my CAP.


This will be simmed in NCAA 14.


I will take 10 players this season, and 5 each season thereafter until A. No one cares anymore, or B. I say fuck it and stop doing it.


What I need from you: (Please be reasonable in your height/weight.)


1 lucky person will have their player be rated 93 overall freshman year, the rest will be between 81-85 overall.




Players Name:







Everything will be computer generated, from your college choices, to playing time, etc etc. I will update things periodically.


This is not first come first serve. Sign ups will remain open for a couple days, at that time everyone who signed up will enter a pool and the top 10 names will be used for this first season.




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Prospect Ranks


#1 Ju Tweedy 5*

#2 Sanjaya Deckerhoff 5*

#5 Truck Jackson 5*

#6 Kyson Thorne 5*

#9 Mike Hawk 5*

#10 Dale Dobeck 5*

#14 Luther Sparks 5*

#20 Tyler Owens 5*

#69 MF Percy Miller 4*

#692 JD Boom 3*(Not entirely sure what happened with this-If you are bad, I will remake you next season)

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Initial Schools


Ju Tweedy- alabama-crimson-tide.pngIcon.139462.pngoklahoma_50t.pngIcon.119527.png



Sanjaya Deckerhoff-Icon.119527.pngalabama-crimson-tide.pngIcon.139462.pngoklahoma_50t.pngtexas_50t.png



Truck Jackson-logo_ohio_state.gifalabama-crimson-tide.pngtexas_50t.png



Kyson Thorne-Icon.119527.pngtexas_50t.pngoregon_50t.pngalabama-crimson-tide.pngoklahoma_50t.png



Mike Hawk-Icon.119527.pngIcon.139462.pngoregon_50t.pngtexas_50t.pngoklahoma_50t.png



Dale Dobeck-logo_ohio_state.gifIcon.139462.png



Luther Sparks-alabama-crimson-tide.pngtexas_50t.pnglogo_ohio_state.gifIcon.139462.pngIcon.119527.png



Tyler Owens-Icon.119527.pngIcon.139462.pngtexas_50t.pngalabama-crimson-tide.pngarkansas_logo.png



MF Percy Miller-Icon.139462.pngalabama-crimson-tide.pngTexas+A$!26M+Club+Tennis+Team+Logo.JPGoklahoma_50t.pngtexas_50t.pngIcon.119527.pngAuburn+University+Club+Tennis+Team+Logo.



JD Boom-alabama-crimson-tide.pngIcon.119527.pnglogo_ohio_state.gifAuburn+University+Club+Tennis+Team+Logo.Icon.139462.png





In other news, we're all going to be teammates.  :ph34r: 

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Week 1 Recruiting(Top 5 schools)


Ju Tweedy-d8nqfhswwqiht1dc4y5p0dmeh.gif05i7bhidxxhy1et8cenggg18k.gifhr85j3g1duiqf59eiep9bvnsd.gifu5a0z147qunbzxwnec8ef7bkl.gif70yox0z4pkkwwedhxgo92kp9f.gif


Sanjaya Deckerhoff- rk583l18smfn0bja8plf.gifd8nqfhswwqiht1dc4y5p0dmeh.gif5o2wuto6hq2592hhy9e4prm6e.gifby8dfvb6j89hs5nrvlb1ibx5e.gif2658.gif




Truck Jackson- 2ljfrxdhjejmccpdr5ccycxi2.gifd8nqfhswwqiht1dc4y5p0dmeh.gifhr85j3g1duiqf59eiep9bvnsd.gifu5a0z147qunbzxwnec8ef7bkl.gif70yox0z4pkkwwedhxgo92kp9f.gif



Kyson Thorne- rk583l18smfn0bja8plf.gif5o2wuto6hq2592hhy9e4prm6e.gifhr85j3g1duiqf59eiep9bvnsd.gifu5a0z147qunbzxwnec8ef7bkl.gifiu01050mxpzmj4zqegb0vvhgu.gif




Mike Hawk- rk583l18smfn0bja8plf.gif05i7bhidxxhy1et8cenggg18k.gifby8dfvb6j89hs5nrvlb1ibx5e.gif5o2wuto6hq2592hhy9e4prm6e.giff9hclkzyftlynvgb1wgf.gif




Dale Dobeck- 2ljfrxdhjejmccpdr5ccycxi2.gif05i7bhidxxhy1et8cenggg18k.gifh4taj4rqfe7eigc0f2llj59xx.gifu5a0z147qunbzxwnec8ef7bkl.gif2889.gif




Luther Sparks- d8nqfhswwqiht1dc4y5p0dmeh.gif5o2wuto6hq2592hhy9e4prm6e.gif2ljfrxdhjejmccpdr5ccycxi2.gifh4taj4rqfe7eigc0f2llj59xx.gif61736902013.gif



Tyler Owens- rk583l18smfn0bja8plf.gif05i7bhidxxhy1et8cenggg18k.gif5o2wuto6hq2592hhy9e4prm6e.gif7305.gif61736902013.gif




MF Percy Miller- 05i7bhidxxhy1et8cenggg18k.gifd8nqfhswwqiht1dc4y5p0dmeh.gif86674172007.giff9hclkzyftlynvgb1wgf.gif5o2wuto6hq2592hhy9e4prm6e.gif



JD Boom- d8nqfhswwqiht1dc4y5p0dmeh.gifrk583l18smfn0bja8plf.gif2ljfrxdhjejmccpdr5ccycxi2.gif61011451968.gif05i7bhidxxhy1et8cenggg18k.gif

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Penn State isnt even in your top 10. They don't want you, fool! Im also on OSU's radar...fuck that. 


Boom, I am sorry. Still not sure what the hell happened. I swear I had you rated out at an 83. 


Week 2 Recruiting (School in BLUE denotes scholarship offered)


Ju Tweedy- Alabama, LSU(-20), Georgia(-80), Nebraska(-360), Mizzou(-400)


Sanjaya Deckerhoff- Texas, USC(-40), Bama (-160), Oregon(-180), Virginia Tech(-200)


Truck Jackson- Ohio State, Georgia(-80), Bama(-160), Nebraska(-180), Mizzou(-360)


Kyson Thorne- USC, Texas(-40), Nebraska(-80), Georgia(-80), Mizzou(-160)


Mike Hawk- Oregon, USC(-80), LSU(-180), ND(-200), Texas Tech(-300)


Dale Dobeck- Ohio State, ND(-320), LSU(-340), Nebraska(-360), Pitt(-400)


Luther Sparks- Ohio State, Bama(-80), Texas(-160), ND(-220), Boise State(-260)


Tyler Owens- LSU, Arkansas(-160), USC(-180), Iowa(-200), Texas(-280)


MF Percy Miller- Bama, TAMU(-20), Oklahoma(-80), Texas(-160), USC(-180)


JD Boom- Bama, USC(-120), Ohio State(-340), Auburn(-500), LSU(-600)

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The good news is that Truck Jackson is off of OSU's radar, the bad news is that he's now in line to end up at the same school as our #1 prospect. 


Week 3 Recruiting


Ju Tweedy-Georgia, Bama, LSU, Nebraska, Mizzou


Sanjaya Deckerhoff- Texas, VT, Oregon, USC, TCU


Truck Jackson-Georgia, Nebraska, Ohio State, Bama, Mizzou


Kyson Thorne- Georgia, Nebraska, Iowa, USC, Mizzou


Mike Hawk-Oregon, ND, USC, LSU, Texas Tech


Dale Dobeck-Ohio State, ND, LSU, Nebraska, Pitt


Luther Sparks- Ohio State, ND, Bama, Texas, Boise


Tyler Owens- LSU, Arkansas, Iowa, USC, Boise


MF Percy Miller- Bama, TAMU, Oklahoma, Texas, USC


JD Boom- USC, Ohio State, LSU, Arkansas State, Auburn

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Week 4 Recruiting


Ju Tweedy-Georgia, Bama, LSU, Nebraska, Mizzou


Sanjaya Deckerhoff- Texas, Oregon, VT, USC, TCU


Truck Jackson-Georgia, Nebraska, Ohio St, Bama, Mizzou


Kyson Thorne- Georgia, Nebraska, Iowa, Mizzou, Clemson


Mike Hawk- Oregon, ND, USC, LSU, Texas Tech


Dale Dobeck-Ohio St, ND, LSU, Nebraska, Pitt


Luther Sparks- Ohio State, ND, Bama, Boise, Texas


Tyler Owens- LSU, Arkansas, Iowa, USC, Boise


MF Percy Miller- Bama, TAMU, Oklahoma, Texas, USC


JD Boom- USC, Ohio St, LSU, Arkansas St, Bama



3 weeks in, some school swapping here and there, but we will jump ahead to Signing Day next!

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My guy is so bad, maybe he'll just get a non-athletic scholarship. Someone must need a guy to hold the clipboard or clean the LR!


It's all good Turner :lol:  but I wouldn't object to be re-done slightly better next time, haha.

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