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  2. Since the end of his VHLM season, Ottawa forward Kyson Blake had not been seen or heard from. The last anyone knew he had cleared out his locker and even skipped his exit interview, but now reports are surfacing with pictures of Blake wearing a Reign jersey in Riga. Local reporters were able to ask him some questions and he happily responded. "To be honest I was ready for it to be over. Before the start of the year I was really looking forward to another season down in the VHLM, but as the season went on it was more of a struggle to keep focused. We had a pretty decent team, but it seemed like a constant change in players we had so we could never really gel. At the end of the day I just don't think I was utilized properly and in the end we came up short. The season is over now though and I'm just ready to start the next chapter of my career here in Riga."
  3. 1) The finals are on, Vegas vs Halifax. Who's your pick and why? Vegas, they seem like the team most people are going with so I think they're the most likely choice 2) The VHL and VHLM draft are coming up this offseason. If you're getting drafted to the VHL this year, where do you hope you go? If you've already been drafted, what are you most looking forward to in the VHL? Just playing up with the team, I feel kind of in limbo at the moment, wasn't too happy with my VHLM season so ready to start anew. 3) With the offseason upon us, what's your player's favorite postseason activity? Just relaxing, the season is a grind. 4) Looking back at this last season, what's one thing you're going to miss about the VHLM once you've moved up? Probably not much to be honest, it was quite frustrating. 5) Coaches always push for their players to "leave it all out on the ice." Do you feel like your player followed that mantra this season, or is there more to them that we have yet to see? Probably not all of the time, there was just a lot of frustration going on so probably hard for him to really go all out. 6) Excluding the drafts and offseason tournament, what would you like to see the VHL host in the offseason in order to make it a little more fun? I dunno I'm really not into most of those as they are often poorly executed and don't add much value.
  4. Part I - Pick em' (Pick the correct winners of all three games for 2 TPE) Toronto Legion Toronto Legion Helsinki Titans Part II - Predict the Score (Predict the correct score and winner of this game for 3 TPE) Toronto Legion 2 @ 3 Helsinki Titans Part III - Player Predictions (Predict the correct player for each category, 1 TPE for each correct answer) Series leader in points: Ironside Series leader in goals: Ironside Series leader in assists: Tzuyu
  5. Part I - Pick em' (Pick the correct winners of all three games for 2 TPE) Game 4 - Las Vegas Aces @ Halifax 21st Game 5 - Halifax 21st @ Las Vegas Aces Game 6 - Las Vegas Aces @ Halifax 21st Part II - Predict the Score (Predict the correct score and winner of this game for 3 TPE) Game 5 - Halifax 21st @ Las Vegas Aces Vegas 2-1 Part III - Player Predictions (Predict the correct player for each category, 1 TPE for each correct answer) Series leader in points: Vanderhuge Series leader in goals: Diljodh Series leader in assists: Vanderhuge
  6. Kyson Blake Forward points +/-
  7. When Kyson Blake learned that the VHL and VHLM were going to have expansion franchises and relocation he was really intruiged, just because it brings something new to the league and also brings in new fans. Of course Blake was drafted by the Reign and he's excited to play in Riga and his time in the VHLM is coming to an end, but for this exercise he thought it'd be fun. Philadelphia Reapers "This was a kind of an obvious expansion destination for the VHL as Philadelphia is known for having a rabid fan base and have a professional franchise in basically every league imaginable. The logo and color scheme though don't really do it for me I think both could have been better." Houston Bulls "This logo is one of my favorite logos I've seen in quite a while. The color scheme is kind of bland and could have done a little better there, but overall I'd love to wear a Bulls uniform. Moscow Menace "For some reason I always want to say Moscow Mule when I saw this team's name. The colors are actually pretty decent, however, the logo is kind of weird. I don't think that the logo really conveys the name." Vancouver Wolves "I've visited Vancouver a few times and the city is absolutely beautiful so I'm actually pretty excited for them to get a franchise." Minnesota Storm "I kind of wished that they would have changed this logo. I really don't like it and couldn't imagine actually wearing something with it on it." All in all the VHL & VHLM will be getting some good shakeups happening for their teams and that'll help breathe some excitement into both leagues as new teams and locations are always a bit interesting.
  8. 1) The VHLM has officially announced expansion, with the new teams seeing action as early as next season! What are your thoughts on the teams they unveiled, or expansion as a whole? The Reapers name is ok, but the logo is absolutely terrible. The Bulls logo is straight fire. The menace are alright and the logo is pretty nice, but I don't think the two match each other. 2) If you were the GM for a new expansion team, what would be the first order of business? Make sure my logo actually looked good and it matched with my team name. 3) Four teams have now clinched, and two are fighting for the last available playoff spot. Who takes it, Saskatoon or Yukon? Probably Saskatoon, Yukon just gives up way too many goals 4) Which VHL team has the best logo/design to you? Why? I dunno, maybe Seattle. 5) When you leave the VHLM to play in the VHL, what legacy do you think you'll leave behind? How will you be remembered for your time in the minors? I don't care what kind of legacy I leave behind tbh. I know I'm a good teammate and I do my best so that's all that matters to me. 6) You're eligible for some free TPE if you recruit a friend and they end up sticking around; how would you pitch the VHL to an interested friend? I have no friends that are really interested in hockey or this kind of thing lol