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  1. Soon the VHL with have a special kind of tournament where all the VHL sponsors will create teams of their top endorsed hockey players and have them go at it. Now this seems like a pretty fun event that will be somewhat lighthearted, but at its core you know the players are going to want to put out for it. I wanted to get caught up and a little more familiarized with the teams and their players and upon doing so I learned one thing; there's clearly one brand who is far more equipped than all of the others. So who is this monster brand? It's none other than Haterade and I think that their name serves them well. Alright so now that you know who I'm talking about you're probably wondering why I feel like they're far and away the best player brand team. Simply put if you look at their players they have 3 of VHL's top 10 goal scorers while also adding the VHLM's 8th best goal scorer. Not enough? Well they also have the number 1 and number 7 VHL leaders in assists. Want some more? Well they also have the 1st, 5th, and 9th best defensemen. Ok but what about their goaltender? None other than the VHL's top goalie in goals averaged against as well as save percentage. I know this tournament is going to be a lot of fun and it'll be interesting to see how it all plays out, but if looking at the teams on paper, if I were a betting man I'd put it all on Haterade to win this tournament pretty easily.
  2. TMI

    VHLM Pick’em (S63W5)

    189 Yukon Rush 190 Las Vegas Aces 191 Yukon Rush 192 Saskatoon Wild
  3. TMI

    First-Generation Bonus

    +10 Kyson Blake
  4. TMI

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1. The World Junior Championship medal round just started, what do you believe the top 3 will look like at the end of it? 1 - Canada, 2 - Asia, 3 - Europe 2. There are still important games to be played, but who should be named the World Junior Championship Most Valuable Player, in your opinion? Brick Wahl. Might be biased but dude knows how to win and is putting up a pretty good show for Canada 3. The Yukon Rush were the first team to clinch a VHLM playoff spot, with their 76 points in 52 games. Do you believe any team can compete with them come playoffs time? I believe we (Saskatoon) can definitely compete with them in a series! 4. The S64 VHLM Draft Rankings were just released: (if you are eligible for this draft) In what round do you believe you will be selected? I think I'll probably be drafted at the top of round 2? don't really know as I don't have a good feel for this draft, but I think I've put myself in a pretty good spot 5. What aspect of your game have you been training the most, recently? most recently it's been passing. I got my scoring, skating, and puck handling up but wanted to make sure my passing was up there as well so I can help facilitate plays aside from me just scoring. 6. Were you surprised by the announcement that Tagger was stepping down from the Recruitment Crew? Give a grade from 1 to 10 to McWolf, his replacement (wrong answers only). Yeah he had been doing good stuff, but so far what I've seen from McWolf he's ready to step in and pick up where Tagger left off. I'd say a solid 5.7, it's too early to tell
  5. TMI

    Blake's view on WJC

    Normally in things like the WJC and anything that pits countries against each other I'd be all up in arms with my fellow countrymen wearing an American flag or something like that, but this year it's quite a bit different for me. This year I find myself rooting exclusively for Team Canada. Why would I root for Team Canada though? It's pretty simple, for one I've been living and playing in Canada for a bit not and have come to quite like it, but the real reason is because a few of my teammates (Brick Wahl @BladeMaiden, Burnt Toast @Toast, and Rylan Peace @Peace). First off, Brick Wahl is probably one of the best goalies I've had the pleasure of playing with and is everything and more that his name means. After that you have Burnt Toast who is one of the toughest guys you can have out on the ice and you're always glad he's on your side when you see what he can do. He's always out there in the thick of things and is seemingly always making plays. Finally you get Rylan Peace who is just an absolute beast. Dude is that guy who you know is always going to do something special on a nightly basis and at times it seems like he's toying with people it's just too easy for him. So while I'd love to see Team USA do well (they're not off to a very good start), I'm definitely pulling for me guys and Team Canada who look absolutely stacked this year!
  6. TMI

    Earning a Star

    It's been one heck of a season so far for Kyson Blake of the Saskatoon Wild and one that has had him questioning himself at times. "When things aren't quite going your way and you're struggling, it's easy to wonder about your abilities and whether you have what it takes, but eventually you'll have one of those games that wipes way all of that nonsense and reminds you exactly why you're in the place you are." Blake had one of those kinds of games recently when his Wild hosted the Ottawa Lynx. Blake would be the initiator in the first goal of the game as he got the puck to fellow draft mate Anton Edvin who would dump it off to Burnt Toast for an easy goal. Blake would then be on the receiving end of a great pass later in the second period and he too would find the back of the net for his fourth goal on the year and it'd put the wild up 2-0. The Lynx would battle back and get one of those goals back, but the two goals for Saskatoon proved to be just enough as Brick Wahl would stop every remaining shot and Kyson would go on to be named one of the games 3 Stars, his first such honor of the season.
  7. TMI

    VHLM Pick’em (S63W4)

    Halifax Yukon Vegas Saskatoon
  8. TMI

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1) I posted up the first Mock Draft for the Season 64 Draft, of the players who were not predicted to be selected in the first two rounds, which player do you think has the most chance of moving up into being selected in the top two rounds when the next Mock Draft is done? I might be biased because teammate, but I think Edvin is going to be a great player for whoever takes him and will be lucky when he slips a little 2) The TPE milestone required to automatically be promoted to the VHL for the following season is 200 TPE. i) (If you're below 200 TPE) How long do you think it will take you to reach that milestone? I really don't have a good grasp yet as to how fast I'm getting points, but I'd say it'd be a little over another full season 3) The World Juniors rosters were announced last week, which team do you think will be the favourite to win the tournament? Team Canada, I like the way that their roster is built the best, I think they will go the furthest. 4) We're getting close to the week of the Mid-Season PT week, where if you submit a PT that fits the theme, you will earn substantially more TPE. Last season's theme was covering other members players, what theme would you like to see for this seasons PT? To be honest I think that should be a running theme, I think it's great to actively look into other players as it helps you learn other players you might not have known before and think about something other than your own player 5) From your time in the league, if you could give any advice to a new member entering the league, what would it be? Don't be afraid to ask for help, there's a ton of knowledgeable people ready and willing to help you out, otherwise you'll fall behind fast and get overwhelmed. 6) We have a one off VHL All-Star game every season that uses the NHL series as a sim engine and is live-streamed. Would you be interested in seeing a similar game done for the VHLM and what do you think your chances would be of making a VHLM All-Star roster? Yes of course, that'd be awesome!
  9. TMI

    [S63] Player Store and Balances

    Player Name: Kyson Blake VHL Team: Saskatoon Wild Cash you have: $1,500,000 Purchase Name: The First GenerationCost of Purchase: $500,000 Cash Left: $1,000,000