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Hello and welcome to another 500 word media spot hosted by yours truly, Mr. Rory, co-host of legendary podcast three podcasts playing at once. This week, we could not find a time to schedule a recording or live show, so here is me earing 6 TPE in lieu. This evenings topics will include whatever tf i think about and then have up to 500 words in space to say those things.


Our first topic will be the naming of new general managers in many leagues! Very exciting. I was named general manager of the Los Angeles Stars which is good because the team name counts for three words, unlike Dom and Acyd's new team: the Malmo Nighthawks and Prague Nightmare or whatever tf they're called. It is quite easy to say that I won that portion of the GM shuffle.


The other part I won was the trades I made! LA is old and now we have some more youth so the ENTIRE team doesn't retire in 2 season. I also do not think 11th overall lands the type of player I would want in the draft, and trading up while we're in win now mode seems bad to me. I think I'll get a good value pick with 32 overall but I'm also not opposed to dumping it so I can skip the draft night 😎. Dan Dan is my SBA gm so now if I go inactive he can do the same to me, a perfect way for both of us to have a desire to win! Hopefully the RAIL and the STARS can celebrate their winnings together. Sam is obviously a great member in the league, took over my team in Halifax, and was LA's first AGM. She finally gets the chance to play for the team! If the Rush ends up in Switzerland though, she will be cut from the roster, Salzburg Rush 4 ever. Tui Sova also joins the Stars after finishing his rookie contract. On this trade, I had talked to Dom before naming v.2 my AGM and didn't want the lad to come to LA via free agency without Malmo getting any compensation. Happy to pay the price that I paid for him and I'm happy that Dom was willing to move his rights, as we would've pursued another route for our 1D otherwise. 

The Star's holes are pretty gaping right now, we are missing a goaler and need to acquire one before 8 games have passed. After years of Esso's Doug Dimmadome being best while he was 300-700 TPE, I will be refusing to pay more then 3 million dollars for one. Solas' Jean Pierre Camus' MVP caliber season is the only argument against this thinking. Victor's Rara Rasputin does perform well in playoffs, but he's been doing that before he was worth 5.5 million too! Free agency has some goaltending options and the pipeline for teams needing goalers is wide open. Keep an eye on the goalies that are pending FA - they are going to be the most active on the first day of free agency. we also need a center but whatever i'll figure it out thanks bye

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Review: Well done, interesting to hear about LA from a GM perspective. Variety of topics is cool. Your comment about Prague made me laugh lol. Paragraphs and spacing is used appropriately too. Congrats and good luck this season Rory, 10/10.

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Cool 500 word media spot ;), it was interesting to read about VHL related stuff from other viewpoint. Usually you can read player thoughts on media spot but this time it was from GM. It was interesting to read and I wasn't bored at all. You bonded all paragraphs nicely and it was logical to read. I learnt a lot about LA so that is really good too. Very interesting read and after reading it I felt like I know much more about LA.



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13 hours ago, rory said:

The Star's holes are pretty gaping right now

Noice Thats Nice GIF


Very respectable 500 words. I think you have turned word padding into an art form with this series to be honest, it never fails to impress me. I agree with your argument in the last paragraph about how goalies seem to work, that position is black magic. There's too many new GMs to be honest, I hope VHL doesn't become like the M with the revolving doors for management positions. Hopefully the Stars are able to fill the holes that you currently have 😏 10/10

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