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comrade cat

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alright so im bored and ask minion and ledge to make me a sig and it turned into a competition and yea i already decided but ledge gave me an idea to put it on a forum because why not
now this is how its gonna work im gonna show you the sigs and you reply by saying minion or a reason why you like whos now im not gonna write a 5000000 word thing soo just reply i guess
this is minions sig for Boris Tzesar (my player) Comdo_cat.png 
This is Ledges i like em both but idk you pick. photomania-b8e34fef64bf57d8d24a30c75b507bf9_1.png

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I also came here to say Minion’s jersey swap was superior! I love that Ledge’s tender looks so shocked, and it is cleaner.


EDIT: That was supposed to say “render” but it turns out ‘tender is also appropriate.


I like the idea of the rain but I do think it dusts up the sig a bit. If it was replaced with a different effect or maybe put back a few layers, that might be better?


Overall, Ledge’s is simpler but I think it benefits from that and looks cleaner as a result. Minion’s is more “ambitious” and would probably take my vote with a couple little changes.


Both are fine work though. :cheers: 

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