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a tale of two Brothers // Again Canada...

Daniel Janser

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Swiss Central Gazzette (goalscorer/assistant)


The WJC is in its final push to evaluate the winner and Marcel despite rumours to the contrary, has been traded.


Team Europe has lost its final game in the group stage against Canada with 5-4. The Maple Leafs started strong and scored three consecutive goals before Europe went on the score board. It was Ablar (Eightnine, Kotkakoivu) who reduced Canada's lead to two goals. In the second period Ablar (Nano, Eightnine) scored the only goal at the 10:44 minutes mark in power play. In the third period each team bagged a brace each. For Europe, Eightnine (Kotkakoivu, Nano) with his first goal of the tournament and Chara, (Karjalainen, Remy) were successful. Parise (.932) was clearly better than Lindbergh (.894). Europe's power play was okay with 1/4, but the penalty kill was not up to the usual standard (4/6). The three stars went to Hogan (2g/2a), Eightnine (1g/2a) and Calamari (1g/3a).

Daniel reported 0g, 0a and +0


With that out of the way, we will address Marcel's move to Halifax for the next season. He and a S81 7th round pick goes to Nova Scotia and Philly receives S81 5th, a S82 5th and a S82 2nd (or as Steve Dangle would call it 'magic beans') in exchange. It appears that @Alex_J32 is going for a considerable rebuild as he gathered 19 picks for this and the next draft combined, with a total of three first rounders, three second rounders and three third rounders. We assume that in 1-2 seasons the Reapers will be a force to be reckoned with. Marcel in the interim will have an other swing at the Founder's cup while he strenghtens the 21st's blue line.


Please stay tuned and dwelve in the below related articles in the meantime.













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