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Analysis of VHLW South Team Names Part 1: Australia


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   My experiences in Northern Asia have been amazing. It was a  blast and I learned so much. Now I am in Australia ready to bring the same critical eye to cities in what would be the VHLW South or Ocean Division. Glad you are here with me. Might as well start right here In Australia. With that being said, let's begin our adventure. 


   Without a doubt the most famous city in Australia is Sidney. The  state capital of New South Wales, Sidney has a population of around 5.3 million "Sydneysiders", making it the the most populous city not only in Australia but in all Oceania as well. Sidney was the first European settlement in Australia founded as a penal colony in 1788. Today, Sidney has hosted the 2000 Summer Olympics and is the center of the Australian Ice Hockey League or AIHL with two franchise, the Sidney Bears and the Sidney Ice Dogs, calling the city home. The city is among the top fifteen most-visited cities in the world with numerous landmarks that bring in millions of tourists each year. It is one of these landmarks that is the basis for the name of the team I have envisioned. I would name the VHL franchise placed here the Sidney Singers. The landmark being used is the iconic Sidney Opera House. Construction on the beautiful Expressionist structure was started in 1959. It would take fourteen years and $102 million Australian dollars to make the design of Danish architect Jørn Utzon come to life. The name honors those who get to perform at such a legendary location.


   While not as famous as it's southern sister, Brisbane has been quickly rising in notoriety. The capital and most populous city of the Australian state of Queensland and the third-most populous city in Australia has a population of around 2.6 million "Brisbanites".The city as well as the river on which it stands is named for Sir Thomas Brisbane, the governor of New South Wales at the time of the city's founding in 1824. When Queensland separated from New South Wales in 1859, Brisbane became the capital of the new state. Today Brisbane is a diverse city, a major transportation hub, and a popular tourist destination. The future host of the 2032 Summer Olympics also had an AIHL franchise called the Brisbane Blue Tongues. The name referenced a local lizard making it an interesting name. Sadly the team folded in 2015. To restore ice hockey to the region, both myself and Morcar80 chose names that are a variation on a theme. Whereas I chose the Brisbane Bralwers, Morcar80 choose the Brisbane Bandits. Both names reference the criminal records of the original settlers. While some bandits do brawl, I literally just discovered that the Brisbane Bandits name is used by a pro baseball team. So the only way to not fight a lawsuit is to reference fighting, an activity that many hockey players are known for. 


   And that is enought for me today. But my time in Australia is far from over. For on this big island, there are many places that could possibly host a hockey team with an interesting name. I will explore some more of them next week. I will see you then. As for me, I will explore the Outback.

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Great article as someone that lives in Brisbane you have certainly done your research. One little note is that it is spelt Sydney for the city. I am surprised that you knew the Brisbane Bandits as well as knowing the AIHL teams, if you asked strangers on the street here they would know of neither. Brisbane are trying to enter another team in the AIHL called the Brisbane Rampage in the next few years.


I like the names you chose and they fit in with your research, I don't know how the sydney singers would go over though.


Overall great article and well researched. A few little mistakes but very good job 8/10

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I liked the Australia addition to your travels, I think they have some interesting history you can use in your favor when naming the team. It seems like you went out of your way to do extra research about Australia to make your argument and find other team names to lack lawsuits, it definately helps. I would've maybe liked some pictures of the city to see the beauty of the place. 9/10

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Very well researched article and nicely filled in morsels of trivia which I always appreciate. I have my reservations to the 'Sydney Singers' as well, but I see where you are coming from (maybe 'Choir Boys' would be an alternative?). Morcar80 sure does get around a lot in his offseason... As others have already mentioned some pictures would have given the article a nice touch. 8/10

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