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What a week


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Sadly the Yukon Rush lost in game seven versus Ottawa congrats to them it was a hell of a series. But what a week it has been not just for me but the league in general. 


The WJC I got the honor to GM Team World in the tournament. It was a blast and did really help me experience what a GM feels like kinda. Funny moment when I look to draft my team from players who were not picked by teams. I directly looked at the Canada Roster to see if my player was picked. Right at the moment I saw that my players were in Team Canada I got a notification from @ThatsGreissy that I was selected and gave me the discord link that I was already in. I DM him and said that he drafted my players and that I’m another GM. Congrats to you BTW for the gold. 


During that the E got an expansion Yukon who is no longer Yukon is going to the E where we don’t know yet and Minnesota is going to Oslo in the E too. That also means that @Domg5 don’t  have a GM job anymore. But quickly after that we have news that the VHL changed some GM and Dom is going to Malmo. Being a player for him in Yukon I am super excited for him. 


Quick pause, also during those days I’m beginning a new job in real life. It's my second week. On the bus I got a notification from discord. I quickly opened it and asked me if I wanted to be his AGM in Malmo. I almost jumped from my seat from excitement. 


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