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a tale of two Brothers // Silver won... or Gold lost?

Daniel Janser

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Swiss Central Gazzette (goalscorer/assistant)


The WJC has passed with a bittersweet ending for Team Europe; A silver medal.

The semifinal against Team World went with a final score of 6-3 to the European squad. Daniel's team came out from the locker room on fire. 12 seconds were played, when Ablar opened the score, assisted by Pearce and Kotkakoivu. Ablar (Kotkakoivu) followed up with his second on the night at 5:41 minutes. Chara netted one with the help of Godlander for the 3-0 lead. However, Team World had two unanswered goals before the first intermission. Pearce (Kotkakoivo, Nano) contributed a goal as well in the second period which ended 1-1. The third period was all Europe's as Ablar (Kotkakoivu, Pearce) with his third goal of the night and Pearce (Ablar, Nano). The three stars were awarded to Ablar (3g/1a), Pearce (2g/2a) and Kotkakoivu (0g/4a). Linbergh (.947) had the better of Davis (.913). Europe's power play was sub par (1/7) while the penalty kill was okay (4/5).

Daniel recorded 0g, 0a and +0.


In the final, Canada won the first period 3-0 and it was not before the 25th minute when Karjalainen (Mulds, Chara) brought the old world on the scoreboard. However, before the period was over, Canada reinstated the three goal lead. At 4:24 minutes into the third Nano (Ablar, Kotkakoivu) gave the team a ray of hope, but the Canadians defended clever and nursed the two goal advantage home for the final score of 4-2. It was an epic battle between the netminders with both, Lindbergh (.934) and Parise (.951) showing stellar performances with the bitter end for the Swede. Europe's power play was inexistent (0/3) and the penalty kill was good (5/6). The three stars went to Man (1g/1a), Parise (39 saves) and Nano (1g/1a).

Daniel was noted with 0g, 0a, +0 and 2 PIM (Hooking, no damage on the scoreboard)


So much for Daniel's WJC adventure, but there is no rest for the wicked as he is flying to the Hockey World Cup as we write to represent Western Europe. Analysts give the European delegation not much credit as it is the by far least experienced squad. We are convinced that Daniel does not give a fig about their opinion and is hell bound to prove them wrong.


Stay tuned for our future updates.













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