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The Dream is Over - Don't grade/Not for TPE


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"I'm sorry Gunnar, we just don't have the cap room for you now. You should have resigned when you had the chance." Click. Just like that, the dream of being reunited with Kristoff Welch @Juice and Scotty Kaberle @fromtheinside was snatched from the grasp of Gunnar Odinsson. Fresh off back to back 100(133 & 111) point seasons and entering what he had already determined was his final season in the VHL, Odinsson has seen the brutality of the business sport of hockey. The former trio of Toronto Legion players could have combined for a farewell tour and possibly a Continental Cup victory, something altogether unlikely during their time in the Blue of the Legion. 


"Obviously, I'm incredibly disappointed to have seen that dream scenario disappear today, but it was probably inevitable after the brief conversation from a couple of days ago with the new GM. He wanted me to sign an extension after the acquisition of Welch from DC, but I resisted the pressure and insisted I wanted to see if there was any interest from other teams. I understood the risks of such a statement, but the reality has hit me harder then expected."


The options for Odinsson are extremely limited for S81, as several teams already boast full rosters, while others seem content to try and break the VHL record for the lowest win total in a season. It remains possible that the Szatkowski, Funk, Kanou and Slobodzian winner from just two seasons ago, fails to secure a deal and remains team-less. "He knew the risks and unfortunately paid the price" said an unnamed Malmo source. "The team had to solidify the roster and it seems the latest trade with Calgary for Center Steve Eso sealed the fate of Odinsson. The team needed a center so they went and got one. End of story."


With Odinsson re-training this offseason to reset his entire skillset, he hopes that there is at least one team who may throw the RW a lifeline and give him one last shot to help a team chase VHL glory.


"Yes, I have a lot left in the tank and just want to get out there on the ice to be honest. I have a lot of guys I'm happy to label friends from the Malmo Nighthawks, but let me be clear. Every time I play against them, there is always going to be a little extra effort and mongrel on display. Nothing personal, after all, it's "just business". If they want to label themselves the best, the target on their backs is always going to be bigger."


Good luck.






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