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Ideas to Write Media Spots About


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1) VHLM or VHL Power Rankings

2) Your Team hosting a charity event

3) Your player's workout routine

4) Your player's family dinner

5) Your GM getting arrested for something

6) Goals for your player this year

7) Interview yourself (make sure you ask good questions with detailed answers though)

8) Underrated or Overrated players

9) Pick a surprise contender to win the cup

10) Make up weird things about Victor

11) Analyze key matchups for a playoff series

12) Create a mock draft for VHLM or VHL draft

13) Make up a funny story about your team getting arrested

14) Talk about the favorite moment you had on your team

15) Predict where your player will be in 5 seasons

16) Charity event that your player attended

17) Teams you hope to get drafted too

18) Create a personality for your player (my old player had anger management issues which I wrote about)


I just put some ideas down for now because it seems a lot of players new and old may have some trouble coming up with ideas to write about. This is a list of stuff in case you get stuck, and I ask others to volunteer with their ideas as well!

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19) Your player is accidentally locked inside a crate and shipped halfway across the globe.

20) Your player tries to fight Mega Man, is defeated and has his powers absorbed.

21) Your player is secretly a bounty hunter and crosses paths with Dog while trying to bring the War Machine to justice.

22) Derek Jeter steals your girlfriend, so you break his kneecaps and end his farewell tour.

23) Continuously prank call Victor at 3 AM and post the results.

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