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Claimed:Komarov rates his teams


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Before i start I'm going solely based on teams need at the position i play and will gladly suit up for any team who drafts me.


The Russian defender has been making waves in the VHLM this season and is regarded as a prospect who could go anywhere from the 2nd to 3rd round. The defensive defender expects to play at least another year in juniors before he makes the jump to the big leagues. How this will effect Komarov's draft stock is unknown at this point in time.




                                                            New York Americans


The Americans have a solid defense core made up of two rookies and two vets. That make up a solid top 4 for this team. With that being said i do not see myself being drafted here as it would appear at least on paper their need is greater on offense than defense. Being a defensive defender and a player looking for a top 4 role when i decide to join the big league i don't see a chance here right now.


                                                                Seattle Bears


The Bears have some good defenders but they do have a need here. There defense is not improving at a solid rate and they have holes all over there roster. This is a team that may want me given there lack of depth everywhere. I could see myself being drafted here if i fall to them in the second round.


                                                               Colgone Express


They have some decent defenders on this team but they don't have depth. I could bring this to the Express and add another solid top 4 defender to take some of the burden off their big guns. The Express are another team who might have interest in my services if my name falls to them in the 2nd or 3rd round.


                                                                  HC Dynamo


They have two of the best defenders in the league but after that they have nothing. Adding some cushioning may be what this team needs. They are getting a bit older as well so adding a younger player to a core that has championships to its name may be what this team needs to stay in contention. They certainly could take a chance on me if they don't make moves to attempt on last run at the cup before this group moves on.


                                                           Vastaras Iron Eagles


3 strong updating defenders. The Eagles may need offense more than defenders at this point in time. That being said there is still a chance they could snap me up in a later round if i am still there. End of the day this team is a toss up it all depends on where they feel they need to improve in the draft.


                                                             Toronto Legion


The Legion need everything this is certainly a team not ready to compete and defense is a big need. They have zero updating defenders and a hole i could fill. In Toronto unlike any team above so far i have the potential to become a franchise defender. It certainly would be an uphill battle but maybe i could be a key piece of the rebuild. Certainly a team in need of a strong defensive prospect or 2 might take a chance on me in the 2nd round.


                                                           Quebec City Meute


The only team who has contacted me so far. They lack any real defenders outside of Valiq an could use a partner for him to become a serious threat. This team has needs everywhere it depends on where they want to go with each pick but this is a team who could grab me in the 2nd or 3rd round pick.


                                                                Riga Reign


The Regin have 2 great defenders but after that they are barren. I expect they will look forward for the first round but given how strong the defense pool is this draft i could see this team taking a flyer out on me in the 2nd or 3rd round.


                                                              Helsinki Titans


I don't see a fit here they have 3 good defenders right now and a few rather young. This is a team on the rise and i believe they will look to add some more depth on the offense rather than defense. Given they have one of the best young d prospects in the game. I don't see it being worth them to draft me unless they can nab me in the 3rd round.


                                                          Calgary Wranglers


Another team i just don't see grabbing me unless i fall to the 3rd round. They have a strong defense core and they need to grow their forward core. This is a team with championship aspirations right now and they may move there mid round picks to add to their chance at the cup.





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Content: 3/3

Good read bud! I see you took my suggestion on a topic :) It looks great. I think your reasoning behind each team was great and its impressive that you have learned so much about each team already.


Grammar: 2/2



Appearance: 1/1



Overall: 6/6

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